Rimas Sports and Homegrown Launch Caps Celebrating Latin American Athlete Heritage

Rimas Sports has partnered with the Puerto Rican hat company Homegrown to launch a limited-edition collection of baseball caps, celebrating Latin American diversity. This collaboration, timed with the baseball season’s start, features caps representing Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Each design highlights the rich heritage of Rimas Sports’ athletes, making this collection a testament to the vibrant cultures that have produced some of baseball’s greatest talents.

“We are thrilled to announce this collaboration with Homegrown, as it allows us to showcase and celebrate the rich diversity and heritage of our clients and their countries,” said Keysha Hoyos, Director of Operations at Rimas Sports. The initiative aims to bolster Latin brands while giving fans a unique way to show support for their favorite players and nations. The caps are available on Homegrown’s official site.

Echoing Hoyos’ sentiments, Homegrown’s Creative Director, Xavier Vazquez, highlighted the partnership’s significance. “This collaboration is very important to us because it focuses on representing our countries in sports. We are proud to work with Rimas Sports to offer fans a way to represent their countries with style and pride,” he said. The collection stands out with its unique color schemes and inverted logos, adding an aesthetic appeal that reflects the collaboration’s spirit.

Founded in 2023 by Bad Bunny, Noah Assad, and Jonathan Miranda, Rimas Sports is at the forefront of sports management, dedicated to the representation of Latino athletes. With a roster including MLB stars and promising talent, the agency is committed to elevating its clients’ careers. This partnership with Homegrown underscores Rimas Sports’ mission to enhance Latino representation in sports, showcasing the agency’s innovative approach to celebrating cultural heritage.


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