Rising Korean-Canadian Star JUNNY Releases New Single “Not About You”

Fans of JUNNY have already had a great year, including a new full-length album and a world tour by the Korean Canadian artist. Now, 2022 is going to get even better with a new English-language release of his hit, “Not About You” on Dec. 1. JUNNY said he decided to release the single at the end of the year to thank all the fans who have encouraged him and his music.

Though his music generally is classified as K-pop, his personal sound and style are much more versatile and accessible, which makes it easy to grow fans around the world. JUNNY has been part of the music industry for more than five years and spent much of his early days creating music for other artists, including IU, and members of EXO such as Kai, Baekhyun, and Suho. His skills even earned him the title “genius-singer-songwriter” from his peers. One of his early hits was “Thank You” in 2018, which ranked 17th on the Apple Music R&B chart. He also collaborated with Jay B, soloist of GOT7, to create “nostalgia,” which ranked high on iTunes listings all around the world, including Argentina, Fiji, and Estonia.

Recently JUNNY began creating his musical material which has been demonstrated on several original soundtracks for web dramas. This year, he released “blanc,” his first full-length studio album, produced by Unbound Records and the Unbound Entertainment Group. He also performed in 11 cities in the U.S., Canada, and Europe during a 2022 tour. “Not About You (English version),” blends JUNNY’s sweet vocals with an original R&B/pop sound, plus a rich, full melody. This version of the song also has additional bass and drum elements than the Korean version.

The upbeat tune describes JUNNY’s memories of his early 20s that included a strong romance followed by a breakup. While it’s always quite common for songs about relationships gone wrong to veer into pain, heartache, and regret, “Not About You” is much more nostalgic and upbeat, with both parties moving on from the experience and having a different perspective when looking at that part of their life years later in the rear-view mirror. The relatable song is designed to appeal to everyone and JUNNY hopes people will love listening to it over and over.

He said recalling those memories while creating the song also helped him push through some writer’s block he was dealing with and relieve some of the pressure he was putting on himself to always keep creating. To keep track of JUNNY’s activities, follow him on Instagram @jnkmsc or watch his YouTube channel @JUNNY0406.


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