Royse Ride’s The Bull On Her Way Up The Country Charts

We’re going to be cliché and use the tried-and-true old Texas saying, “everything is bigger in Texas.” Why are we breaking out this adage? It perfectly describes Royse’s talents, a singer born and raised in Texas, who has an LA twist a country mile wide.

“Grabbing” the music scene by the “horns,” Royse bounds onto the scene with her song “Ride the Bull.” If you haven’t heard it, you need to. The song features a little bit of rap mixed into country roots. It’s like taking an “old fashioned” and putting a new age twist on it. You can’t dislike this song. It will get your boots, your Converse, or your Jordan’s tapping.

Photography by Kelsee Ann
Publicity by Matt Dillon

Although Royse grew up in Texas, she also claims LA as one of her hometowns. LA has inspired her creativity and broadened her musical ability. While in LA, Royse took her love of music to new heights by apprenticing at The Los Angeles Recording Studio. While there, she studied aspects of music production and interned with some of the world’s finest writers. A French Producer fell instantly for Royse’s “Texas Charm” and took her under their wing. Royse, wishing to expand and create her sound, ventured off on her own shortly after. Still seeking occasional guidance, but hoping to maintain a complete sense of self in the process.

Sitting down with her producer, Royse discussed her love of urban, pop, and country. She wanted to include a little of everything in her particular musical adventure. After a few writing sessions, out came Royse’s masterpiece, “Ride the Bull.” It blends her chosen genre’s so well and displays her ability to adapt and overcome under any circumstances. Being a currently platinum blonde-haired Texas beauty, we expect no less! Royse blends her sound into one harmonious “pièce de résistance.” It’s safe to assume we can expect more great work from Royse soon.

Photography by Kelsee Ann
Publicity by Matt Dillon

Congrats on Ride The Bull hitting the Top 50 on the Country iTunes charts and Top 5 in Canada! That is major. How does it feel? Thank you so much. I can’t even put into words how amazing it feels. These are the type of moments you dream about so to have this happen was out of this world and so exciting, and I’m so thankful to everyone who has streamed it and supported me on my musical journey.

I hear you have an upcoming single with Eric Bellinger? Tell me about that? Yes! I do! I am so excited about that. Eric is so incredibly talented and to have a song with him is amazing. He’s such an incredible writer and I can’t wait for everyone to hear what we did together.

What message do you wish to get across with your music?
I really hope that anyone who listens to my music feels confident and feels like they can be themselves when they listen to it. 

Photography by Kelsee Ann
Publicity by Matt Dillon

Tell me about a time you felt so down and what you did to overcome those feelings? There have been many, many times I’ve felt pretty low. I always try to be transparent that I have struggled with eating disorders, depression, and anxiety my whole life. Multiple times, I have had to dig deep inside and confront my inner problems. In doing so, I had to fight for myself and realize my worth.

It’s taken me a while to get there, but valuing myself helps me overcome any daily struggle
. I’m also lucky that I have a really good support system. It’s always important to open up and find someone you can be vulnerable with. Just know you are not alone and that you will make it through. Keep the faith. 

Are you working on an album? Yes! I’m working on multiple songs, and I have plans for an EP to come out in the New year! There [are so many] songs that I have created, and I can’t wait for others to hear them! 

Photography by Kelsee Ann
Publicity by Matt Dillon

Tell me about where you grew up? Did that influence your music? So I’m originally from Texas! I then moved to LA when I was 18, and I would say 100%, being from Texas and LA, I feel like I have a mix of a personality that is so fun and I love putting that into my music.

Who’s your dream collaboration? Wow! I have so many. But right now, I would say Ty Dolla $ign or 21 Savage or even Post Malone. It’s so hard to choose, but they would be so fun to collaborate with. I love their music!

The definition of Contrast is “to be strikingly different.” What makes you strikingly different? I think me being me makes me different. I believe everybody is so uniquely beautiful and we all are made perfectly in the image of God so being you is the best thing you can do to be strikingly different.


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