Rauw Alejandro: The New Wave of Latin Music

Carolina, PR has been the birthplace of many well known Reggaeton artists thriving today, the magical quality of the island continues with the new “it” star: Rauw Alejandro. His inspiration comes from a fusion of English and Spanish Artists like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, James Brown, Daddy Yankee & Wisin, and Yandel.

He’s an artist and a performer; with performance being so highly integrated, it has molded a unique hybrid of R&B with Reggaeton. That culture mash is evident in his career, and he’s very well on his way to leave a legacy like his predecessors.

A strong stage presence and performance are vital to Rauw, and he channels it through the form of dance. It is a natural reflex for him, music is felt in the body, and he emphasizes that responsiveness with his material. It’s his signature move, literally, as an artist and one that raises his star quality. In his way, Rauw has already created a new lane in the genre where he is pioneering.

He is paving the way for a new wave of male artists to be welcomed in Latin music as performers and singers, not just one or the other. As something absent in recent years for the genre, it’s been refreshing to watch a singer truly retake the stage and allow themselves to take their work to new heights.

Photography by 90thShooter

The evolution in Rauw has taken leaps from his first imprint on the music scene to its current state. He’s made the right connections and tracked high numbers to prove his choices right. He has been consistent in his goals releasing single after single, making sure to keep momentum in today’s digital music trends. Leading up to his album this year, Rauw was also part of a few smash hits, including “Tattoo Remix,” featuring Camilo and Ir Sais’ “Dreamgirl.” As both records continue to enjoy worldwide success, that didn’t stop Rauw from setting the groundwork for the next phase of his career.

As we reach each of the years, Rauw has claimed his success with flying colors. He dropped a fresh new album, “Afrodisiaco,” and its completion added even more weight to his name. He raised the standard for a Reggaeton album with slick high production value and top-notch collaborations, including Tainy, Wisin & Yandel, and J Balvin. The vibe is sexy; the vibe is groovy and meant to move your body just like he does. The album’s current single, “Reloj,” featuring Anuel AA, is already a hit, and more are set to be released in the upcoming months.

Photography by 90thShooter

While Afrodisiaco is currently making a significant presence, Rauw has an eye on another milestone. He was nominated for Best New Artist at this year’s Latin Grammys and topped it with double performance. One of them featured his tracks off his album, and the second was being part of the tribute to Puerto Rican salsa legend Hector Lavoe.

In the span of his career, Rauw has continuously raised the bar in the quality of his work both sonically and visually. He’s been welcomed by fans and co-signed by the elite in the Reggaeton game; it won’t be long till he crosses over to the American audience. A dynamic singer, performer, and entertainer, he’s one to watch as one can only expect great things in his future. Rauw Alejandro is here to stay.

Photography by 90thShooter

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