Sokai Sushi Bar Has Served Peruvian-Japanese Infused Food To Stars Like Maluma, Lenny Tavarez, Justin Quiles and More

Miami is loaded with incredible restaurants and has a wide array of sushi and seafood restaurants and a vibrant, endless Latin cuisine scene. Locals and tourists alike can find everything from fine dining to casual joints serving incredible food. Still, one sushi restaurant sets itself apart with unique rolls and their signature fusion cuisine.

Sokai Sushi Bar has wowed the Miami-Dade area with its innovative and unique dishes since 2013, bringing a casual fine-dining experience and fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. The restaurant, led by Jorge Peña, brings the fiery Latin flavors of Peru to more traditional sushi rolls. From sauces created from scratch daily to an ever-evolving menu merging exciting flavors, the dishes at Sokai Sushi Bar are all sure to delight every palate.

The hotspot is well-known for experimentation. Offerings on their menu have included a Beauty Roll loaded with collagen, a popular supplement that supports healthy hair, skin, nail, and joints, as well as a CBD roll that is finished with a spritz of CBD oil.

The menu at Sokai Sushi Bar always aims to push the boundaries of fusion food, with many familiar Japanese and Peruvian dishes taking on the Sokai Sushi Bar spin. Fusion tacos blend Latin flavors with Asian ones, such as Salmon Tacos topped with guacamole and Amarillo aioli.

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The latest cover shoot for Contrast Magazine with Latin music superstar Luis Fonsi was generously sponsored by Sokai Sushi Bar. In an interview with the New York Post in April 2018, Fonsi revealed that sushi is his favorite food and one he “could eat every day.”

The delicious eats were brought to the table by Miami-based public relations agency Zamora Group, founded by Nathaly Zamora.

“The difference between Sokai Sushi Bar and other restaurants is that at Sokai, we focus on captivating the palates of our customers by creating unforgettable dishes, flavors and fusions. Sokai Sushi Bar is more than a restaurant; it is a place where you can share with the family and spend an evening in a good atmosphere and delicious dishes,” says the Latina femme-boss.

Luis Fonsi isn’t the only celebrity to stop by Sokai Sushi Bar while in Miami. Some of Latin music’s biggest names including Maluma, Guayna, Manuel Turizo, Nio Garcia, Myke Towers, Wisin, Lenny Taverez, Zion y Lennox, Justin Quiles, Gente de Zona and more have had a taste from Sokai’s menu.

Sokai Sushi Bar’s memorable dining experience and punchy fusion cuisine were brought to the set with two-party platters filled with signature sushi rolls, fried rice, mixed vegetables and ceviche.


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