The Shawn Carter Foundation Marks Milestone 20-Year Anniversary with Star-Studded Gala

The Shawn Carter Foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary with a black-tie gala at Pier Sixty in New York City. The event brought together a host of prominent figures from the worlds of music, sports, business, and entertainment, including JAY-Z, Beyoncé, DJ Khaled, Lil Uzi Vert, Robert Kraft, Roger Goodell, Meek Mill, and more.

During the gala, The Shawn Carter Foundation managed to raise an impressive $20 million, which will be used to support individuals facing socio-economic hardships in pursuing higher education. Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez contributed a staggering $10 million legacy donation, significantly expanding the foundation’s initiatives, including scholarships, international exchange programs, and community assistance projects. Even Jack Dorsey donated $2 million as part of his annual contribution.

Just before the gala, The Shawn Carter Foundation and Robert Kraft’s Foundation to Combat Antisemitism announced a partnership to combat nationwide book bans and safeguard educational freedom. Both organizations joined forces, contributing $1 million each to support free speech and intellectual learning. Fanatics and Live Nation also contributed $500,000 each to further bolster the initiative, offering resources, legal support, and book donations to those affected by book bans.

The Shawn Carter Foundation, co-founded by JAY-Z and Ms. Gloria Carter in 2003, has been making a significant impact over the years. It has provided college scholarships, tours to historically black colleges and universities, study abroad opportunities, and wealth-building programs to underserved youth and families from disadvantaged communities.

The funds raised from the gala will further the foundation’s mission to open doors of education, travel, and enlightenment to those who may never have thought such opportunities were possible. With their continued efforts, the foundation aims to empower the next generation and break barriers, ensuring that young individuals can pursue their dreams and overcome challenges along the way.

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