TIDAL is Back with New RISING Docuseries Featuring ‘Dehd’

TIDAL is back with another RISING mini-documentary featuring Dehd bandmates Emily Kempf, Jason Balla, and Eric McGrady showcasing an iconic trio kicking up a storm in the DIY and indie rock scene.

A product of the DIY scene in Chicago, Illinois, Dehd first formed their trio in 2015 and has since taken on an increasingly noticeable presence in the indie-rock world, most recently being described as “post-punk.” Dehd isn’t too worried about fitting into any one genre, however, preferring to focus on sharing their most authentic and organic selves via their craft and performance.

The group released their self-titled debut album Dehd in 2016. Wasting no time in sharing their music with the world, Dehd has since released four more full-length albums, all of which are self-recorded and produced. Blue Skies is Dehd’s most recent album, having dropped earlier in 2022. The record has become their most popular date and is a tangible representation of the group’s collective creative evolution.

Dehd walks us through their experience as creatives, from band dynamics to creative processes, in their mini-documentary on TIDAL’s docuseries ‘Rising.’ The 15-minute film grants viewers an intimate glimpse into what life is like for Dehd.

The RISING docuseries is just one way that TIDAL supports up-and-coming artists on their platform. Since its launch, TIDAL has shown their dedication to empowering artists on the come up through their RISING vertical, a space on the platform dedicated entirely to introducing TIDAL listeners and dedicated music fans to the artists they should have on their radar. You might even recognize some RISING alumni, including powerful artists like Alessia Cara, 21 Savage, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, and Chloe x Halle. Like the latest episode with Dehd, the RISING docuseries installments give fans the unique opportunity to peek behind the curtain and connect with their favorite artists on a personal level.

Bandmates Emily and Jason take the reins, explaining Eric’s noticeable absence from the film with his dislike for interviews and being in the spotlight. Eric’s reserved nature doesn’t cause him to go unnoticed, however. The drummer for the band, Eric’s unique sense of groove and rhythm adds to the depth and dimension that glues the different components of their sound together. Jason notes how Blue Skies is Dehd’s “drum record” and highlights Eric’s skill more than in past releases. He also reflects on how Blue Skies marks a transition away from a “dreamy wash” of sound that can be heard on their first record to a sound full of “shape and dynamics” due to his honing of his craft as a producer over the years.

“In a band, you come together as one for your music, but we also try to let each of our individualities shine through the different elements we bring to Dehd. It’s a balance that evolves with each new song we write and performance we do.” – Dehd

Emily also grants insight into the band’s writing process, describing their collaboration as “patchwork quilt vibes” in which a song manifests through organic jamming in and out of the studio. She also highlights her love for directing Dehd’s music videos, a task she feels is an “extension of her personality” and another outlet for creative freedom and expression. She describes her excitement for Blue Skies and how it marks Dehd’s positive and uplifting mood. Jason closes out the mini-documentary by reflecting on Dehd’s current outlook, commenting that now “we believe in ourselves probably more than ever” and are “confident in our taste and our vision.”

True to this statement, Dehd has just released a new single, “Eggshells,” and started their North American tour this week. Dehd will continue on their European tour later in the fall.

Watch Dehd’s ‘Rising’ film on TIDAL now to learn more about Dehd’s thoughts, feelings, and hopes for the future.


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