Two Time Reigning Rap Battle Champion, YARTZI, Returns To Retain Red Bull ‘Batalla’ Crown

Returning for the third time to defend his Red Bull Rap Battle crown, YARTZI, aka El Cacique, is bringing his all to the table. When asked what he’s doing differently this year, he says, “… when the battle is over, I try to go back to the footage and see the videos and see what I can get better at. I have different strategies this year. I have different ideas. I have different styles.” It sounds like YARTZI has this down to science especially considering this will be his third win, should he bring the winning heat again this year!

What’s it like to be on stage under all that pressure? How does that pressure affect the entire experience of being on stage in front of so many people? “Sometimes when it comes to battle, MC’s, because of the pressure and because of the focus of hitting hard punchlines, we sometimes forget to enjoy the process. We forget to enjoy the beat. Enjoy the musicality side of it. This year I am gonna bring a lot more of that to the table.” It sounds like the lesson here is to have fun with it and enjoy the experience. Don’t get lost in experiences and remember to take in every aspect of any moment in life.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, YARTZI says what sets him apart from the others is his “experience.” He feels as though his experience gives him a headstart and sharpens his edge over the competition. “You have to conquer in order to win.” YARTZI furthers and adds, “You get that experience and you’re ready for them.”

When asked what his experience with Batalla has done for him and his musical career, YARTZI says, “First of all, stage presence. Ya know? Competing and being there among the audience and among the judges, gives you that spark and gives you that stage presence that you need to develop to convince that part of the judges’ judgment.” Batalla seems to be a great presence teacher for anyone who attends. It must take a lot of courage and ability to stand so tall in front of so many set on judging you. YARTZI says that Batalla also gives you a chance to learn how to better control your “mind and control your focus.” He also explains that it helps with your mental “agility.” Considering how quick-witted you have to be to do what YARTZI does, it’s no wonder he knows a thing or two about mental agility.

“I think freestyling and battling is one of the most amazing disciplines in the world,” YARTZI says. It’s almost unimaginable that some people have themselves so composed and so precise that they can come up with whole stanzas for battling. “It requires a mind domination that is not easy.” There would be less respect for those with quick wit if it were a popular talent!

Look for YARTZI tomorrow during Red Bull’s Batalla!


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