‘Typical Taurus’ Skylar Stecker Talks Her EP ‘Earth Signs’

Fresh off of her groundbreaking EP ‘Earth Signs’, Skylar Stecker has made her audience swoon once again with her latest release, ‘Hate That For You’. The light-hearted song is a catchy tune that has landed on many digital streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. She has even released a video on YouTube that is now listed at over 100K views. The song plays to her dusky voice and melodic vocals as the heart wrenching lyrics grips one’s soul.

When she was a child, Stecker found herself to be quite precocious. She took to the piano, then the guitar, and eventually progressed to writing music. Vocal producing and the drums came naturally to the young talent. A love for music came at such a young age that Skylar cannot remember a time when music was not the center of her life. From there, she became a master of her craft and began to put her pen to paper professionally.

Skylar lists her inspiration as something that happens at random. She uses the experiences of her own life to mold her music. This makes her lyrics relatable to the most introverted recluse to an extroverted social butterfly. The singer most likes to write in the early morning, as it gives her words a freshness and clarity any listener would want. Advice from the songwriter would be to allow yourself to feel the music as it happens. Forcing a note will only produce a greyed and empty result.

Stecker describes herself as a ‘typical taurus’, a nod to her previous album ‘Earth Signs’. Stubbornly, Skylar refused to become complacent in the roller coaster that can be music. She has proudly persevered and welcomes the roller coaster that is the music business.

Humble yet successful, the singer is constantly shooting for the stars when it comes to her music. As a music lover herself, she spends her free time exposing herself to various tunes. ‘Hate That For You’ by Skylar Stecker is accessible on all streaming platforms.


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