Twin Brother Duo MULHERIN Unleash 6-Months-In-The-Making Music Video

Musical sensation, Mulherin, is demanding attention and rightfully so! The duo, composed of identical twin brothers Marshall and Parker, have recently released their catchy single, ‘Dance With You’. They created a video that would accompany the hit track and emphasized the lyrical genius behind the ballad.

The track has already amassed thousands of views on YouTube, with many listeners proclaiming they can’t stop coming back. An addicting hit and a melody that places one in a gleeful trance is a guaranteed song for the love stuck everywhere.

Parker and Marshall obtained their start as ‘typical’ band kids in Memphis, Tennessee. They embraced being twins, but never let the title define them. Music became a calling for them both; a calling they needed to follow. However, it wasn’t until they went away for college in New Orleans, that they began composing music of their own. With support from the community around them, they found the confidence to begin producing and performing their music.

Their latest track ‘Dance With You’ was inspired by a woman Parker dated a while back who he has maintained a wonderful friendship with to this day. Aside from their own personal muses, they had others who inspired them along the way as well. Raj Smoove, a DJ and producer, generously mixed their tracks free of charge when they were just starting out.

Both singers cite Joey NG as another influence that helped them make the move to build their careers in Los Angeles. Mulherin would tell those looking at a career in music to humble themselves and accept help when it is given.

“If you can take the heat from your closest siblings, you can take it from anyone I think.” – Parker

Mulherin’s self-produced video for ‘Dance With Me’ has a tasteful dose of graphics for the mind’s eye. They only had a few days to get the video done with animator Nik Arthur but were able to come together for an epic collaboration. It was hard for the two to release the reins to another, but in combination with the artist, they were able to create an incredible masterpiece. In 2022, Marshall predicts lots of new music coming from the group as well as more visually stunning videos.

Be sure to follow their journey on social media @mulherin.


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