Unruly Agency Model Tana Mongeau Is at the Top of Her Game Upon Signing With A-List Marketing Group

Soaring to stardom isn’t easy, and very few are able to thrive and succeed in an industry as over-saturated as entertainment. Especially when so many have the upper-hand with connections and famous friends, starting from scratch is seemingly an impossible feat. But one talented Nevada native was able to leverage her comedic skill-set and infectious on-camera presence to make a name for herself in Hollywood that will never be forgotten: Tana Mongeau.

By the age of 22, Tana has emerged as a self-made multi-millionaire, and she has continued to bring in many more millions with the guidance of the marketing firm she is signed with, Unruly Agency. Under the direction of Unruly’s digital media experts, Tana has taken over the platform Only Fans by delivering exclusive and innovative content in a more intimate setting than social media. Tana’s prosperity on the platform led her to receiving the Top Earner title in November, for generating $3,000,000 in profit.

Hard work, hustle, and pure dedication have always been – and remain – Tana’s top values. In spite of her difficult childhood, Tana overcame the obstacles in her path and proved all who doubted her wrong. Destined for fame from millions of followers who admired her “Story Time” videos, Tana became a top player on YouTube at a young age, and then moved to Los Angeles to elevate her career by starring in her own MTV show. Tana’s other accolades include profitable merch collections, a world tour, and a global fan base of loyal supporters.

Photography by Hunter Moreno

A force to be reckoned with in music, reality television, and vlogging, Tana is truly a triple threat – scratch that, quadruple. She has flipped the modeling industry on its head by monetizing her fame in revolutionary ways under Unruly Agency. Upon signing with Unruly, Tana has clearly become even more empowered in her career, and has been given limitless opportunities to turn her talent into pure profit. She continues to be a highly sought-after model that is cultivating an empire. She has pursued many passions, but it’s clear that being an Unruly Model has taken her career to a completely new level.


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