Yuna Shares ‘Y1’ Project & Video, Announces Y5 Album

A soulful sound is slowly making its way to everyone’s ears. Malaysian-born superstar Yuna has just released a project that is set to blow her fan’s minds. “Y5” is Yuna’s brand new baby that is set to tug at one’s heart strings. The album is scheduled to release at 5 different intervals within the course of 2022. Proudly independent, Yuna is pairing the album’s tracks with incredible visuals that will send shivers to your soul.

Originally a resident of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the entertainer was destined for glory. Her father was naturally attracted to music, American being his preferred sector. She picked up on his love for pop, blues, and jazz to create a sound of her own. Yuna began creating lyrics to varying beats and a fierce development of her own vocals. Soon after, she branched out on her own and began creating music that would transcend cultures.

Photography by Ajarina Hitomi

Yuna released her self-titled album in the year 2012. Her captivating lyrics and smooth voice caught the attention of legendary producer, Pharrell Williams. He joined the creator on her breakout hit “Live Your Life” full of organic tones. She took a mild break from the center stage but missed the connection she made with her fans. In a turn of events for Yuna, she decided to release this new project that will bring her back a dedicated audience.

“I’m able to make my own rules as I go. So here it goes.” – Yuna

The first collection for Y5 that Yuna is choosing to drop is Y1. It is a melody of songs that touch on deep subjects such as life, death, and self-love. One of the tracks “Cigarette” reflects on music artists that the fast-burning industry goes through. Each track is accompanied by an either black white visual, dream-like feature, or piece that will reflect on the current situation.

The incredible Yuna can be followed on social media,, and Y1 can be streamed on Soundcloud. For more information on Yuna, visit and Instagram @yuna.


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