Zara Alexandrova Talks Launch of CAMELEON

Multi-Hyphenate Zara Alexandrova is a force in both the fashion & beauty world; from styling to forecasting the latest trends from the front row of Fashion Week’ across the globe, she always has her finger on the pulse, and now she is ready to make her mark in the beauty world with her first-ever line titled; CAMELEON by Alexandrova. 

Born in Armenia and raised in Russia, she has been fascinated by fashion & beauty as a form of self-expression since early childhood. 

Photography: Like Brutyan @ulikula
Glam: Eric Gevorgyan @eric_gevorgyan
PR: @mattdillon1983

Her evolution into design and beauty has seen her media career grow rapidly from regular TV and Radio spots as a commentator. She has seamlessly combined her love for fashion and beauty to reach the millions. 

She sits with Contrast Femme to discuss her journey, what we can expect and more.

Tell me about CAMELEON by Alexandrova and what this will represent? Cameleon is something I was born to present to the world. As someone who has loved beauty since a young girl it is definitely my destiny to bring to the market something that no other brand has done before.

Having worked with the best doctors and practitioners  on the formulas you can trust that the line will follow through on its promise of youthful, fresh and re-invigorated skin. As well as working on your inside as both are equally important.

The line which will include; Anti-Ageing Cream, Serum, Eye Contour and Gummies comprise of the following active ingredients:

  • 2 types of non-animal collagen (obtained by bio fermentation)
  • Postbiotic with Prebiotic Action
  • Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid.

I am excited that as a businesswoman Cameleon will be a line that brings something new and unique to the beauty industry and to the world.

Photography: Like Brutyan @ulikula
Glam: Eric Gevorgyan @eric_gevorgyan
PR: @mattdillon1983

Define beautiful.

I believe the term ‘Beautiful’ is so much more than just an outside aesthetic. Beautiful is being at peace with yourself, and that radiates confidence. Who doesn’t love waking up with a clear head, not in a state of panic, or filled with jealously or fear? Now that is a true beauty.

– Tell me where your drive for wellness / health came from and why you’re passionate about inspiring others to do the same.

I think when I take care of myself by eating well and working outlooks come second. I don’t do it for a bigger butt – I do it as I want people to look at me and see me smile and take a little slice of my joy and happiness into their own life.

I’m a ‘Simple girl’ but I like the best and I expect that from those around me. Life is about finding your tribe and uplifting each other.

Motivation is a huge part of staying active and in shape. Where do you get your motivation from? Advice for those looking for motivation?

I have this thirst in me to be around kind and beautiful people so by applying that to my own wellness and fitness routine I am attracting like-minded people. Simply put, when you grow into the human you were meant to be you become someone who can inspire others and that is something I take very seriously.

Photography: Like Brutyan @ulikula
Glam: Eric Gevorgyan @eric_gevorgyan
PR: @mattdillon1983

What’s a common misconception about health and wellness you’d love to have people look at differently?

I think the biggest misconception is that doing something good for yourself is hard (especially when you think of ‘working out’). Feeding your body with great food, good company and getting your sweat on only adds to your life so make health and wellness a part of your life and it’ll slot in smoothly.

I love life so much that anything I do is easy for me as I know I am growing as a human, friend, mother, lover and member of the world.

What’s the easiest, yet most effective at-home workout routine for someone to do at home by themselves?

When you wake up definitely drink your water, put on your workout clothes and start moving. Whether it’s walking the dog, yoga or even a dance session by yourself to get your sweat going all you have to do to start is MOVE.

‘We are not all models’ so do what works for you and start on the journey to self-love. 😉 

A part of feeling better is looking “better.” How do you think overall appearance plays a role in mental health?

What you see is what you feel – start learning to love the reflection in the mirror. Confidence is such a major player in self-love and that is what attracts others to you. Remember in life do what you want, what you feel and make sure it’s for you.

Photography: Like Brutyan @ulikula
Glam: Eric Gevorgyan @eric_gevorgyan
PR: @mattdillon1983

The definition of Contrast is “to be strikingly different.” What makes you strikingly different?

 When people meet me they commonly have two words that describe me; classy and striking. At the same time there is a dangerous side to me AKA A Bond Girl.

I wear all titles with pride as knowing that living my truth people can see me clearly for what and who I am. 

Follow Zara Alexandrova on Instagram at @alexandrovazara as well as her soon to be releases line; Cameleon by Alexandrova @cameleonbyalexandrova.

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