Dylan Fuentes, A Rose Among Thorns

Colombian artist Dylan Fuentes is diving full force into the Reggaeton scene in 2020. Musically gifted from a young age, he entered a music competition show, EL Factor X, in his homeland. After seeing the talent he possessed, his family decided to support and endorse his passion. Soon after, he also began to dabble in production, teaching himself how to create beats and compose. While growing at his other skills, he added one more as a performer. Through his father’s band, he became comfortable with a stage as he finishes their sets with some of his work. Dylan’s love of art was formed through the latter as opposed to in the studio. Which by the age of 15, he had already learned how to run one through and through.

Santa Luna (@santalunastudios)

Thus came his breakout track, “Ajena.” The song was formed at a music camp. Initially dismissed by his team, Dylan’s heart was in it, and he believed in the record. Once the track was presented to Myke Towers & Dayme y El High and they accepted the collaboration, it was backed with newfound interest. Dylan’s intuition was on the right track, and its success opened the doors to where he is now at NEON16.

Under NEON16, Dylan already has quite the impact during 2020 with Bipolar, Mente featuring Tainy & Mau y Ricky and TU AMIGA featuring Justin Quiles & Llane.” Dylan keeps the NEON16 branding consistent with no fuzz or attitude, just a home of pure talent. Despite being very capable of creating hits independently, he admits he prefers to focus on composing and song arrangement. Drawing inspiration from life, he is always sure to give his music a personal touch, leaving the production in the mastermind’s hands, that is, Tainy. Given his current trajectory of music released, the anticipation for a larger project continues to build. We were told an exclusive that many tracks had been just that. It’s only a matter of time till it reaches fans.

Santa Luna (@santalunastudios)

Most recently, dropping his latest hit “Noches de Soledad,” has already scored a cool million views on YouTube. The record’s infectious chorus, creative metaphors, and heavy-hitting beat keep one hooked from beginning to end. The accompanying visuals also deliver in style, swag, and confidence. Cohesively his imagery features a rose flower, a symbol he stated is for love. It’s an essential message in his work, as he always wants to show gratitude to his fans. Message received.

A jack of many trades, Dylan has another talent to his resume as an actor. He was part of the main cast on Netflix’s Siempre Bruja. Whether it’s on the TV screen or in the studio, there is nothing Dylan Fuentes can’t do. It’s part of his brand to present himself because he’s open to growth and evolving. Singer, songwriter, producer, and actor; Dylan Fuentes is the total package.

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