100 Coconuts: The First Black-Owned Coconut Water Brand Taking Over

The beverage industry is buzzing as 100 Coconuts, the first black-owned premium coconut water brand, dominates the market with its explosive distribution expansion starting 2023. With partnerships in place with Manhattan Beer in New York, Savannah Distributing in Georgia, and Lipman Brothers in Tennessee, 100 Coconuts is set to increase its national reach and further drive sales.

Manhattan Beer’s long-standing relationship with New York City, Long Island and the Hudson Valley provides a vital vehicle for getting 100 Coconuts out to consumers across 14 counties. The partnership also marks the first time Manhattan Beer has included Coconut Water in their portfolio – solidifying the demand for this lifestyle driven product and its recognition among major distributors.

Savannah Distributing Company’s expansive network reaches package stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants and bars throughout Georgia. This highly synergic connection helps secure a strong presence within major retailers like Publix and other selected outlets across the southeast region. With this well-established network at its fingertips, 100 Coconuts can guarantee that their healthy line of products can quickly reach people wherever they are located around Georgia.

“Partnering with companies that share our brand values and work ethic is essential for us,” said Gregory Lowe II CEO of 100 Coconuts. “Not only do we have an opportunity to increase consumption of our natural hydration solutions vast; but also grow together while striving to be the best that we can be every day.”

As part of its rolling execution plan to continue expanding across the nation, 100 Coconuts intends to remain true to what it stands for by pushing boundaries through innovation while celebrating culture along the way — inspiring those around them who rely on products with functional benefits that give back naturally.

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