5 Spring 2023 Trends to Watch from Milan Fashion Week

Italians have always put the “Moda” in high-quality and luxurious design. Bold prints, statement dressing, and a sense of opulence make up the stitching and creative direction of running an Italian fashion house, and designers like Alessandro Michele and Domenico Dolce, and Stefano Gabbana brought just that.

rands provided a sense of humor and childlike shapes that combined untraditional forms and exquisite techniques to create a point of view that will be a bold statement in the spring. 

From luxurious textures to sleek and day-wear lingerie, Spring in Milan may be the next ideal trip. 

Keep reading to find out which 5 Spring 2023 trends from Milan you need to watch.

(Versace, MSGM, Dolce & Gabbana, GCDS, Prada)

1. Sleeping Beauty

“Have you ever had that urge to just wash your face, do your quick routine, and just go? Designers like Dolce and Gabbana and Giuliano Calza at GCDS gave us that option by giving the girls sleek options that’s sensual, daring, and bold.” – Oliver Brown
(Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivetta, Blumarine)

2. Young Decadence

“Great Craftsmanship is an understatement when defining the teqniques of some of the great Italian houses of our day. Alessandro Michele and Domenico Dolce, and Stefano Gabbana brought a youthful approach to decadence and style by staying true to that italian brilliance and revamping it for modern society.” – Oliver Brown
Five models walking in London Fashion Week wearing different camp, playful style clothing including a crtoon print dress paired with a blue pool floaty, a yellow mesh romper with SpongeBob printed on the breast, a pink corderoy jeans with a pink heart bra, a black dunce cap paired with an 80s style blue and yellow outfit.
(Moschino, GCDS, Vivetta, Matty Bovan, Shuting Qui)

3. Playful Rugrats

“Historically, Italian brands have had no problem expressing their creativity in the form of a statement. Moschino gave us playful moments at the pool, while GCDS referenced a familiar childhood character. This season Milan took us to the playground with these fun and theatrical shapes that reminded me of some of the best kids programs that once graced my TV screen as a child. Don’t think this season, just play.” – Oliver Brown
Five models walking in London Fashion Week wearing different feathered clothing in different colors such as tan, off white, pink, purple, red and black.
(Jil Sander, Diesel, Versace, Bottega Venta, Bally)

4. Reign of Texture

“What a dream to live inside some of the most luxurious and well made fabrics. This season there was a Reign of Texture that took the lead. I’m not talking about the familiar texture we’ve seen in the past. I’m talking about refreshing creations that give a variety of feeling to the touch and elevate even the most simple look— check out Diesel who achieved this look effortlessly.” – Oliver Brown
(Gucci, Versace, Bottega Veneta, Bally)

5. Tigeress Stripes

“A bold print is embedded in the DNA of a true Italian house, and this season, we saw just that. Design houses like Versace and Gucci gave us a ferocious approach to our wardrobe by giving us double the stripes and vibrant renditions that’s sure to take center stage in any room or space.” – Oliver Brown

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