Ashton Michael Presented His SS17 Show at LAFW and It Was Powerful

Last month, celebrity designer Ashton Michael presented his latest, the RITUAL Collection during LAFW at The Hollywood Athletic Club. For those who could not attend, the night was quite the kickoff to the month of October.

The RITUAL Collection taps into the cosmic world of witchcraft and astrological enlightenment. The collection expresses a vision that is both bold and understated yet also refined and powerful.

Prior to the show, designer Ashton Hirota said:

I wanted to transport you to a place of that you find only when you free your mind and get lost in the universe. The goal is to take you to a place where magic and mystery are met by astrological awakening. It’s about discovering what lurks in the dark and conquering it. – Ashton Hirota   

 Little did Ashton know just how truthful that statement would actually end up being. Not even halfway into the show, the power completely went out. No music, no lights, complete darkness only illuminated by the Spellbound Sky ritual candles on the runway. Within moments the audience pulled out their phones to help light the runway. Models back stage started stomping their boots for a pulse for fellow models to walk to. The crowd cheered the models on as the show veered into the unexpected.

For the show’s finale, Ashton Michael got on his knees and bowed to the crowd. When he walked off the runway, models and his show staff surrounded him and carried him out of the room with a group hug. From tragedy to triumph, the show went from the worst possible situation, to the most spiritually elevated experience Ashton could have ever imagined. What actually took place was nothing other than pure magic. The vibrations in the room were so high and full of love.

Photography by Manny Llanura.

To experience the magical night for yourself… Stay tuned for Episode 1 of Showroom: Uncut, a Contrast Network original, powered by Contrast Magazine.


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