Abiud Sando of Viral TikTok Dance #SandoTwist Talks Trends & Dream Collaborations

In a world of trends and pop culture, creators are among the many who take the digital world head on producing content for you. Abiud Sando is one of those creators.

You may be familiar with the #SandoTwist which is a TikTok trend using a mashup of Swing by Savage and Viva La Vida by Coldplay as the audio. The audio has been used over 1.1M times and the hashtag has been used more than 37M.

Photography by Jhair Guerrero

Sando explains how he and his brother created the viral trend on a whim saying it just came natural and didn’t expect the dance to kick off. (Well, it did!) Many celebrities test drove the viral TikTok trend such as James Charles, Addison Rae, Bella Dose, Sienna Mae, Twisted Pennywise, Or Zuti and more.

Take a look at the full interview with Abiud Sando below!

First of all, tell us about how all of this TikTok attention kicked off? Honestly, it came out of nowhere and very random, probably the true definition of going viral, right? Attention on TikTok took off when I danced in the middle of the street doing my #SandoTwist dance to a remix sound of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida hit song; everyone kept wondering “how” the video was filmed — later I revealed that it was actually my little brother and a tripod that made it all happen. I didn’t know I was on to something, it just came natural.

How did everyone at your job react when you went viral in your FedEx uniform? Many coworkers were surprised and shook I was getting shared everywhere, I’m happy I got lots of support from colleagues and other delivery drivers out there on social media.

So many celebrities & influencers have done your viral #SandoTwist dance. Who have been some of your favorites so far? My favorites so far are definitely choreographer/dancer Derek Hough from Dancing With The Stars, actor/dancer Madd Chadd from the Step Up dance movies, and GettiShow who is a Guinness World Record setter for largest Hula Hoop spun. They all killed it!

Photography by Jhair Guerrero

Here’s your chance to nominate 3 celebrities to take on the #SandoTwist challenge, who would you like to see doing it? I would like for the Jabbawockeez to hit it, I know they would put a crazy spin to it, next up ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson, his video would probably be hilarious, and then someone huge like Ariana Grande to see how her fans react to it. 

You’ve even collaborated with other TikTok creators who work for UPS, DHL, Amazon and even the US Postal Service. Tell us about how that all came together? And are you the mastermind behind the delivery squad? I saw all the drivers on TikTok doing some cool delivery videos and I messaged them all to figure out where they lived and asked to see if they all wanted to be in 1 collab video together. They all said yes, so we planned it for months actually, and the group video went viral, even Complex and UsWeekly posted it. 

What’s next for Abiud? What kind of career are you looking forward to pursuing? For now I just want to continue to make more dancing videos, more funny videos, collaborate with creative content creators, and continue to share positive content for people everywhere to enjoy.

The definition of CONTRAST is ‘to be strikingly different.’ What makes you strikingly different? My ideas come from scratch! Many videos on social media are based on trends, which I enjoy doing my take on them as well, but I’m glad I was able to start one myself and have an original idea go mainstream.

Photography by Jhair Guerrero


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