Album Review: Bea Miller Releases Sophomore Album, “Aurora”

Just a week after her 19th birthday, former X-Factor contestant Bea Miller released her sophomore album, “Aurora” and it’s absolutely beautiful! “Aurora” is the final chapter to Bea’s year-long story, which followed her personal journey as she conquered the stages of a relationship coming to an end.

Prior to the release of “Aurora”, Bea released three separate chapters, which each included three songs. “Aurora” features all the songs from “Chapter one: blue”, “Chapter two: red”, and “Chapter three: yellow” plus an additional five songs. The album displays Bea’s personal evolution and allows listeners to trace her creative and emotional process in vivid color, both literally and figuratively.

Originally released on February 24th, 2017, “chapter one: blue” displays how Bea realizes her relationship is a delusion. A few months later on June 2nd, “chapter two: red” was released and ultimately shows how Bea has to pick up the broken pieces of herself and move on. Then on October 6th, “chapter three: yellow” was released and allows for listeners to see how Bea has reclaimed her self-confidence and nothing is going to stop her. “Aurora”, the final chapter of Bea’s journey, refers to the goddess of the dawn, who renews herself every morning, and is also a figure that signifies women’s empowerment.  That empowerment is evident in this chapter as it represents a light at the end of the tunnel, a new beginning, and for Bea, a new boyfriend.

Bea Miller, Chapter One: Blue.

Below I have given a brief review of each of the songs on the completed album:

1. A Song Like You:
This track is ultimately about realizing that your lover is hindering you from living your life. Within the lyrics, Miller compares her lover to a song that makes her feel sadness despite the happy moments they share in their relationship. The song has a great beat and I love how gradually Beas vocals become more and more powerful. It is very apparent that she put much emotion into this track and after just a few listens the song is sure to be stuck in your head.

2. Burning Bridges:
This track is about the anger Bea feels when realizing her significant other is harmful to her wellbeing. Bea is trying to “burn bridges” with her lover, however inside she still feels as though she needs them. Despite how hard she tries to stay away; she is always drawn back. This is a situation I feel many people have been in before and certainly will be able to relate to.

3. Motherlove:
This track screams self-empowerment. Bea is done putting up with people’s games and in this song she belts it out to the world. I love how the song symbolizes that Bea only really needs herself in the world and she doesn’t need a significant other to make her happy.

4. I Can’t Breathe:
This track is much slower and more simple than all of the other on the album, however, it impact is incomparable. The song recreates the feeling of suffocation when involved in a toxic relationship. I’ve personally heard Bea sing this song live and I actually got goosebumps. The song is so simple yet so powerful and I love every single aspect of it.

Bea Miller, Chapter Two: Red.

5. Like That:
Ever since this song came out it has been one of my favorites. I’m obsessed with the beat and Beas vocals. However, I also love the meaning behind the song. Essentially Bea talks about how a toxic relationship in her life has only helped her want to grow and become stronger.

6. Buy Me Diamonds:
This is another song that I’ve previously heard live and I absolutely love it, especially the sarcasm in the lyrics. Essentially, Bea is saying that she’s done with her significant other and all of the pain they’ve caused her. She’s moving on and she would rather them buy her diamond then try to give her their love.

7. Outside:
Immediately when this song started to play, I knew I loved it. I think out of all the songs on the album this one’s beat has to be my favorite. To make it even better, Bea’s voice blends perfectly with it. This song is honestly going to be stuck in my head for weeks to come and I’m not complaining at all.

8. Girlfriend:
This song is fun and flirty. Bea sings about how she doesn’t want to commit to a relationship and just wants to have fun. Relationships are complicated so I think everyone can relate to how Bea is feeling in this song.

9. Bored:
I absolutely love Bea’s vocals in this song. When paired with beat they blend perfectly. This song highlights how Bea’s significant other is boring her because everything they do is so predictable. Once again, this is another song that’s going to be stuck in my head for weeks to come.

Bea Miller, “Chapter Three: Yellow”

10. Warmer:
One of my favorite things about this track has to be the passion you can hear in Bea’s voice. Out of all the songs on this album I can hear the most emotion in this song. However, that could be because I relate to the lyrics so heavily. This is definitely one of my top favorite songs on the album. Bea’s vocals are superb!

11. Repercussions:
In this track Bea reclaims her self-confidence and no longer cares about the consequences of her actions. As long as she’s having fun she is happy. It’s clear that Bea has come a long way from the sad and angry place she was in when she first began writing the album.

12. S.L.U.T.:
Arguably, this might be one of the more popular songs that Bea had released prior to the full length album. It truly deserves its success because not only are Bea’s vocals amazing, but the song itself has such positive vibes as well. The lyrics are all about self-love and its message is one that the world truly needed. Check out Bea’s Performance of S.L.U.T. on MTV’s TRL here

13. Crash & Burn:
This song is about the incredible connection Bea has with her new boyfriend and how much she cares for him. After all the heartbreak Bea has endured, she truly does deserve someone special and I’m glad she’s finally found someone. Not only is it great that Bea finally found happiness, but she also created this AMAZING song due to it. I’m truly obsessed with this track.

14. To The Grave:
This last track ends the album on a very powerful note. Bea is finally back in a good place and she reclaims her voice with this song. She wasn’t going to keep quiet about her emotions and feelings and she makes it very clear on this track. Thank god she used her beautiful voice to tell her story because she created an amazing work of art in the process.

Be sure to purchase “Aurora” on iTunes and stream it on Spotify!

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Sydney Hajduk is a contributor to many sites and is also the Director of Social Media for Xtra Radio. She is also studying communications and journalism at the University of Rhode Island.


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