Alex Morton: “I began to study me.”

Everyone has had a moment where they wished they had done things differently from a financial perspective. They could have saved money here. They could have bought a cheaper car there. They could have invested in some stocks if they had known what those were. They could have pulled the change from the couch and started a high-interest savings account.

Financially speaking, things are hard to grasp and confusing. It’s hard to understand how people like Alex Morton go from zero to hero in two seconds flat. Luckily though, some wealthy beings are generous enough to share their secrets!

They say money is the root of all evil, but what do you say about those that do as much good as they possibly can with their money? What if someone could give you a positive outlook on money for a change? Alex Morton aims to do just that. Alex, who happens to be known for his talents in book writing, public speaking, and business entrepreneurship, has become the definition of success.

Although, he would rather you know him for his kindness and his giving nature. Alex shares his ideas and tips with companies across the globe. He gives companies and individuals the tools to create success from what they already built, even if that’s just a small foundation.

Having made his first million by just 24 years old, Alex has surpassed the 50-million-dollar mark at just 31. Modestly, he reverts to some advice once given to him by a mentor, “Find five people who already did what you want to do, follow their blueprint, and amplify their tenacity and work ethic.” Alex is great at taking and following advice to the extreme.

Knowing that Alex had a humble start may make you less suspicious of his giving nature. A broke college student surviving off of dollar tacos can probably stir many memories for a few readers. Not only was he down on his luck financially, his grades just didn’t cut it. Eventually, Alex had gotten kicked out of business school.

Instead of letting that best him, he stood up, brushed off, and started to endure the treacherous climb out of the dirt. If anything, the setback only pushed Alex into formulating a plan to make himself larger than life.

After realizing just what an accomplishment he had made in his life, Alex contemplated what he could do for others. He wondered how he could take his experience and motivation and turn it into something that helped those in need. Alex explains his thought process, “I began to study me. I knew if I could figure out what changed in me, I would be able to help other people around the world also experience quantum leaps in their lives.”

With such extraordinary professional success, one can come to expect obvious financial niceties. Morton and his fiancé partake in cuisines made in the finest restaurants. Imagine dining in a new country every week? Imagine the lengths Chefs must go to impress such an important patron. Imagine visiting extravagant hotels in top vacation destinations, where the crown molding in the lobby is worth more than some cars. Just ponder for a moment the thought of owning exotic styles of automobiles, automobiles that would shock the wildest of individuals.

You would be gaining stares and smiles while simply driving down the street. With the making of money comes the marble finishes, but Morton says, “I learned at a young age that you should always remember where you come from, stay humble, and be grateful. Money is just a vehicle to do good in the world.” Morton says he “doesn’t want to be known simply for making money.



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