Ally Brooke Fans as Birthday Gift: You’re Our Star (No, Really)

File this under “Amazing Birthday Gifts” – Ally Brooke may have just won the competition for title of “World’s Greatest Fans” because a few of her most devoted followers just gave her the ultimate birthday gift: a real star in the sky!

Ally Brook star

Yes, you read that correctly: you can now look up into the night’s sky and you can see “Ally Brooke”, (the coordinates are: RA 08h13m31.94 +07°40’40.7”)! You can look at all of the wonderful pics and birthday messages from fans to Ally by clicking HERE.

The amazing fans that all chipped in and bought Ally the star name began their campaign on Twitter (look here) and are eager to present the certificate to Ally! As you can see above, Ms. Brooke has already taken notice of their kind deed. The fans sent us a virtual copy you can check out here:

Ally Brooke star

Happy Birthday Ally!


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