Princess Nokia Discusses NYX Professional Makeup Collaboration and Shows Fans Anything is Possible

Princess Nokia brings light to modern women being viewed as the supermodel woman through her NYX Professional Makeup collaboration, the Shine Loud Lip Kit.

“As an artist, I hope to inspire people to simply believe in themselves and create a culture of inclusivity and acceptance. NYX Professional Makeup does such a wonderful job of this and is one of the reasons I am so proud to partner with them on these amazing lip kits. NYX Professional Makeup is definitely writing new rules in the beauty industry and encouraging a culture of diversity and acceptance where pro-quality product can be experienced by all.”

“I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup or express myself in any way when I was in high school and when I was in foster care,” she said.

Photography: John Liwag
Clothing: Fendi

She explained how her beauty experience happened later in life when she fully expressed herself creatively.

“I was subconsciously taught that it was wrong, that I couldn’t do it, that it was inappropriate… there was something really innocent about the coming of age that I completely missed out on, and I realized at 23 and 24 that it was okay for me to experiment with makeup and to highlight myself in more enhanced ways that wasn’t taking away from me or who I am,” Princess Nokia said.

She realized she was giving herself a second chance at adolescence with her makeup exploration. 

Her lip kits include four 90s nostalgic glam colors representing Princess Nokia as an artist and how she can express herself through makeup. 

Princess Nokia has been able to use her journey through beauty and includes that within her art and music. 

“I like to think that I am a healer… I feel like no matter what I’m doing; there is a healing element to it; there is a champion element to it,” she said. 

She views the current state of female rap as revolutionary and uses that champion element within her to continue to push the boundaries within beauty and music. 

“Whether I’m performing, riding my bike around NYC, drinking smoothies, doing yoga, even wearing my mask – this product doesn’t transfer or budge. They are so versatile, easy to use and last all day long.”

Photography: John Liwag

Princess Nokia has made it her duty by keeping her fans on their toes as she preps for her latest single and remaining strikingly different within her sound and leveling up within her music.

“None of this has gone to my head I have a very respectful and humble manner about me and I take a lot of pride in that,” she said.

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