Bella Dose’s New Music Video ‘Si Me Llamas’ is 2021’s Post Break-Up Anthem

It is a truth universally acknowledged that ex boyfriends will pop up in your DMs a year later. Bella Dose, the world’s first bilingual Latina girl group agrees in their new single ‘Si Me Llamas’.

Brianna Leah, Jenni Hernandez, Melany Rivera, and Thais Rodriguez have created a unique blend of bachata and western tones to create an extremely fun beat that is entirely unique to them.

In fact, that’s what Jenni Hernandez of Bella Dose loves about it.

I love the attitude behind it and how it is so relatable. Also, the track just hits different. The blend of bachata and urban music is something that I did not know I needed in my life.”

‘Si Me Llamas’ which literally translates to ‘If You Call Me’, relays an almost universal experience where girls find their ex-boyfriends returning, even if they’re in new relationships.

According to Brianna, “Si Me Llamas was based off of a very personal experience where your ex has a new girlfriend but still wants to text and call you.”

Photography by Adi Muhtarevic

With a fun attitude that is relatable and empowering, ‘Si Me Llamas’ captures that pivotal post break-up moment where you either sink further or rise above. It is the perfect song to get you over that hump and finally get closure.

Si Me Llamas is an empowering heartbreak song that tells women to reclaim their power and find affirmation in the fact that they are enough and no longer need validation from sources that have let them down in the past.

Melany embraces that moment of power in her own exciting way, “My favorite way to listen to Si Me Llamas is by blasting it in the car with the windows down. I feel like the lyrics of this song are so powerful and screaming the words while it’s playing gives me such a release and makes me feel so incredibly confident!”

Confidence is the keyword here not only because of the message that it sends but also because it is infectiously catchy and entertaining to dance to.

According to Thais of Bella Dose, “When we heard the beat that our producer played for us, we instantly fell in love with it. we were thinking of a concept and we all knew it had to be something empowering and relatable. We started creating melodies, writing and it just all flowed so perfectly.” A bilingual bachata fusion is what all of us needed in 2021 and Bella Dose is the perfect group to have delivered it.


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