On The Outside Releases New Single ‘How Beautiful’; A beautiful melody that packs a powerful message

In a world drowning in filters and Photoshopped bodies, On The Outside brings us ‘How Beautiful;’ a song about acceptance and self love.

Nicknamed the ‘Official Boy Band of TikTok’, Andrew Bloom, Dawson Huckabee, Devin Hayes, Jon Klaasen and Sam Jenkins are no strangers to the beauty standards that the world forces on young women.

Starting with a cascade of ‘I’m Sorrys’, the video for ‘How Beautiful’ presents a gripping image. In a culture that forces women to apologize simply for taking up space, How Beautiful’s message is a breath of fresh air, particularly because of the fact that it comes from an all-male group.

On The Outside sends the message that female empowerment isn’t a female issue but rather a human one, and adds their voice to the chorus of powerful women such as Lady Gaga and Katy Perry who have echoed the very same sentiments before.

With lyrics that compel listeners to ‘take the time to learn what’s inside’, it redirects society’s attention to what really matters. According to Devin of OTO,

“sometimes that thing about yourself that you don’t love is what sets you apart from the rest, and we want to celebrate that. Sometimes it’s hard to see your worth, and we just want to let people know we see them.”

What makes On The Outside all the more interesting is the close relationship they share with their 4 million followers on TikTok. This understanding of the ‘Outsiders’ as they call their fans is perhaps what lends such a sense of intimacy to ‘How Beautiful.’

What makes the song’s message so important is that reverberates beyond music and lyrics and is supplemented with real world action.

Not only have they partnered with the JED Foundation to help young people that are struggling with anxiety or depression, they have also brought the message to their regular TikTok programming. In their #WhatsUpWednesday livestreams they have encouraged their ‘Outsiders’ to share the hashtag #NoOutsiderStandsAlone and have created a community where followers support one another. ‘How Beautiful’ by On The Outside is a simple yet charming tune that carries with it a powerful message and what makes it all the better is the fact that it is entirely sincere.


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