‘Bottle Bitch’ Music Video Review


J Sutta serves up sex, sensuality and slaves in her seductive new music video ‘Bottle Bitch’. Sutta proves that post Pussycat Dolls, she can still serve up sex in spades (and yes we heard the little throwback “Hold the J on the Jai ho”). The dominatrix come boudoir styling has you transfixed throughout the videos entirety. It’s great to see Sutta bringing an arsenal of hot new looks amongst well-executed choreography. Just when you’re ready to join in on screaming “you’re a money grabbing bottle bitch”, Sutta ups the ante and show’s us a few famous queens (she’s getting the gays on side – and points for that).

If you ever wondered what Andy Warhol’s Factory, Studio 54, and an Amsterdam kink club would look like in the same room, Sutta puts it together flawlessly. Sutta’s new direction in this video has us begging for more, engrossed and feeling down right kinky.

We’re really excited to see what is in the pipeline for this great artist.


Check it out right here!


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