Brandon Skeie is Ready to Wow The World: “I’m Just Gonna Be Exactly Who I Am”

Brandon Skeie, newcomer to the pop music scene, recently sat down with NYLON to discuss his career, inspirations, & latest single. Skeie had previously gone viral for his powerful cover of Adele‘s “Hello.” Now, the singer is ready to make his own mark in the music industry with “So Bad.” Below are some highlights from Skeie’s interview.

On his plans for 2016

I’m planning a lot of shows. I’m going to be performing a lot, writing a lot, and developing my craft even more. I want to get really deep into this R&B record I’ve been waiting to explore and expand in for a long time. For some reason, I went straight to the pop world, but I think I just discovered that I need to be who I am, do exactly what I want to do, no matter what people tell me, and that’s going to be straight up R&B.

On his idols growing up

Growing up was definitely John Legend. I actually have his lyrics, “we’re just ordinary people,” tattooed on my chest. I have been obsessed with him since forever. He’d be my number one. I’m also heavily influenced by Toni Braxton and Jazmine Sullivan and modern-day artists, like the originality of Lady Gaga and Troye Sivan. Even though he’s brand new, I’m really inspired by him because he’s paving a new road.

On being an openly gay artist

You know, I actually did kind of struggle with that. I went through a whole stage where I was all about coming out. Just being like, “I’m gay,” and all about the LGBT community—almost to a point where I was almost only about the LGBT community. Then I went through a stage where I was like “Maybe people don’t like it all up in their face like that, so maybe I should let people figure out for themselves who I am.” But I’ve kind of gotten to the a place where I’m going to support who I support. I’m going to be who I am, so if I get in a relationship, I’m in a relationship. I’m not going to hide that. I’m going to obviously want to post cute pictures with my boyfriend if I have that. I’m not going to be scared to do anything like that because that’s who I am. But I’m not necessarily going to shove it down your throat, either. You know? I’m a huge advocate for the HIV/AIDS foundation and breaking that stigma. I’m not going hide the fact that I would love to perform at gay pride. I’m just gonna be exactly who I am.

Read more the full interview at NYLON.


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