Redfoo Invites Us On A Party Train with Party Rock Mansion

With the introduction titled Party Rock Mansion, Redfoo has invited us to get on the party train. The former LMFAO member lets our imaginations go wild as we’re taken on a journey through a non-stop dance celebration. Under the band stage name LMFAO, Redfoo (Stefan Gordy) and his nephew Sky Blu (Skyler Austen Gordy) put out two studio albums titled Party Rock (2009) and Sorry for Party Rocking (2011). Party Rock Mansion arrives as Redfoo’s solo debut album.

This album was first titled as I Look Good Naked!, but was then later changed to Where the Sun Goes, with the final product ending up as Party Rock Mansion. “Keep Shining” serves as the opening track from Redfoo’s highly anticipated album. The song exists as an infectious and catchy opening track. The song may be too lengthy at five and a half minutes, but it still pumps up the room with some energy to kick the album off.

“Juicy Wiggle” is perhaps one of the most popular songs off the album, especially since it was featured in the 2015 feature film Alvin & The Chipmunks – Road Chip, for which he contributed the track to the soundtrack album. A few songs off the album bring this party train into a world of time travel into years other than 2015. The track “Booty Man” brings us back to 2010, with the instrumental for the song heavily reminding us of Nelly‘s “Grillz” in the best way possible. However, this 2016 twerk anthem is not the only track to ring in some nostalgia. As the track “Too Much” builds up, it contains a rhythm and beat similar to that of The Sugar Hill Gang‘s “Rapper’s Delight.”

Additionally, “New Thang” attempts to build off the success of songs such as Jason Derulo‘s “Talk Dirty” and Fifth Harmony‘s “Worth It” by incorporating a trumpet sound. With the party music aside, Redfoo highlights a softer side of his musicality, singing on a ballad titled “Maybe,” which seems like an Elton John influenced track.

Altogether, Redfoo has created more than just the perfect pregame playlist. His latest work is a cohesive collection that brings in elements of nostalgia to provide plenty of party rock anthems. The party never stops on this party train.


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