Breakout Actor Roshawn Franklin Talks New Movie and Landing his Role on the Hit TV Series “FBI”

This talented actor is having a wildly successful career with some huge projects that he is slaying. From starring in the CBS hit TV series “FBI” to writing, producing, and starring in a new feature movie – this amateur boxer also has a new YouTube Channel to brag about…and so much more to share with us.

We sat down with Roshawn Franklin to get the scoop on all of the exciting new things in his life and asked him what the future had in store for him and his booming career.

How has the acting industry changed since COVID-19 regarding being on set and auditions? “Well, there are now new protocols set in place on set with social distancing, daily COVID testing, and zoom scripts read-throughs. A big change from last season for everyone but it is a necessary process that I have come to appreciate.”

What was the casting/audition experience like for the role of ‘Special Agent Trevor Hobbs’? “The casting was done in New York City by the legendary TV casting Director Jonathan Strauss. His office was already familiar with my work from my audition for his hit shows “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD.” Although I really wanted those jobs, none landed in my direction. But when I went in to read for “FBI” I took on a new attitude. As I rode my bike through Chelsea Manhattan on a blazing July summer day to the audition, I remember saying to myself “Hey whether you get this job or not, who cares just have some fun”… and fortunately things were in my favor this time.”

Photography by Matt Doyle

What is the best part about starring alongside Jeremy Sisto? “Jeremy Sisto is a class act, and I am grateful to call him my friend. I have learned so much from not only his extremely good on-camera technical skills but as well as the way he carries himself on set. He is so cool, and personable – it’s like nothing rattles the guy. He could have an entire page of dialogue to do in a scene and he will handle it so smoothly with precision. What a guy!”

In addition to acting, please share about your YouTube channel and boxing pursuits. “I’m excited about my new YouTube channel, and you can find it here. It’s about motivating guys to be their best selves, in all aspects. The channel is rapidly growing, and my videos have been doing well and bring value to people’s lives. As for my Boxing journey, I still train a few times a week, it’s. Ore of a lifestyle at this point in my life, and a tool to keep me mentally and physically sharp.”

Tell us about the feature film you’re currently writing. “I am writing a Feature Film that I will be producing and starring in as well. It is a period piece about a journalist that moved from Harlem, New York to Los Angeles in 1945 to pursue a new life. This is a passion project of mine and I am very excited about it. Be on the lookout.”

Who are some of your biggest inspirations in the acting industry and why? “Denzel Washington of course, that’s a no-brainer. I have learned so much from watching him my whole life basically. His technical skills and risk-taking are unmatched in Hollywood. Even Tom Hanks has said the same. Also, all of the great philanthropy he has done in his life as well are very inspiring and something to follow.”

What can fans expect from you in the near future? “Well, hopefully a ton of more work, in front and behind the camera, as well as a thriving YouTube/content future. I want to continue telling powerful stories on-camera, as well as help change lives through my own content.”

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