Nico Greetham of Ryan Murphy’s ‘The Prom’ Talks New Role, Young Hollywood Action Committee & More

The definition of ‘multi-talented’ should also include a picture of Nico Greetham. Who is Nico? Nico is a down-to-Earth, Virginia native, who dabbles in and conquers a variety of talents. Nico at age 8, was a phenomenal dancer. Nico decided to take his talents to the tenth season of “So You Think You Can Dance” and ranked very high on the contending list. He made it to the top 10, before being eliminated. Nico also varied his talented background by adding things like soccer, gymnastics, baseball, and track. Although, he doesn’t consider himself to be the “Jock Type,” he seems to keep in shape and is very good at a wide variety of “Jock Type” things.

Not wishing to narrow any road on his journey, Nico is also very active in community affairs and giving back. In an interview with Contrast, Nico furthers his case with an in-depth explanation of why he chose to help represent these organizations and exactly what they do to help. There’s nothing quite like having a heart of gold and Nico was born with one!

Acting is definitely at the forefront of Nico’s expanding career. We enjoyed his portrayal of “Nick Boomer” in “The Prom.” The musical movie centers around a group of “self-obsessed” High School theater kids, who swarm into a “small, conservative Indiana town,” to back a high school girl who wants to take her girlfriend to prom. Nico says of his character’s upbringing, “His upbringing is more close-minded and regressive.” The character is severely repressed by his parents and his surrounding town. This is a reminder to parents everywhere, to remember we’re all human and love is love. Practice patience and try to maintain a higher level of acceptance.

Are you experiencing any nerves working with Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, and Kerry Washington? Working with some of the top professionals in the industry can definitely be intimidating, but I was fortunate enough to work the kindest, most humble stars! Our first day of rehearsals they all went out of their way to introduce themselves which was incredibly humbling and made me feel very safe and welcomed. Also, to watch them act and do their thing was beyond inspiring to say the least.

Are you anything like your character, “Nick Boomer,” in real life? Nick Boomer has an upbringing that is more close-minded and regressive than my personal upbringing. Nick is a product of his surroundings and only knows his small bubble of being a religious, high school jock (which I was very much NOT a high school jock haha!). I am very grateful I was raised in surroundings influenced by inclusivity and acceptance, but I know not everyone has that bliss, unfortunately. This is what I hope the take-away from watching ‘The Prom’ is: understanding that love is just simply love and acceptance of everybody is vital to humanity and happiness! 

Are you currently involved in any community-related activism?
Yes! I am a proud member of the Young Hollywood Action Committee. Our latest movement is a collaboration with LA Family Housing, in which we are showing efforts to end homelessness and advocating for housing as a human right. I am grateful to have a part in changing our community and helping young children and families find forever homes! Also, I am working with Winston’s Wish in the UK.  Winston’s Wish is the UK’s first childhood bereavement charity supporting children and young people after the death of a parent or sibling. This is one of the most devastating losses a child will ever face, however with the right support at the right time these children can go on to live full and flourishing lives. With COVID and the toll it’s taken on the World, both organizations could use your support. Shameless plug here.

What colloquialism can be used to describe your personality? As far as personality idioms: ‘open-minded’ — I’ll try anything at least once. ’Social butterfly’ — I love to see my family and friends at all times and I just really enjoy all humans. ‘Down to earth’ — I like to think my parents raised us to be grounded, kind, and back to number one… open-minded! 

What made you want to pursue acting, vs. being a soccer player, dancer, or gymnast? Are you still actively participating in these other passions? Acting and performing has always been my forever dream. Since the day I could speak I would scream at the TV saying I wanted to be on it! Growing up, I started soccer and gymnastics at the young age of 4. After an injury doing gymnastics at 8 years old, I retired and followed my older sister’s steps and started dancing. Dance and soccer were my focuses until I had to make the hardest decision a 15-year-old could make, to choose either dance or soccer. I (obviously) chose dance and decided to pursue it professionally. Now, although I am fully committed to my acting career, I am happy I can do projects like ’The Prom’ that couples both acting and dance. As far as soccer goes, I watch games with my friends with lots of yelling and beer!

What sets you apart from other young actors? I’ve only been on ‘the scene’ for a short period of time, but what I’ve learned about the acting community is this: we all have similar goals and similar dreams, and similar drive. What sets us apart and lands us our roles is our unique individuality and who we are at the core. Our backgrounds and our upbringings are what shape us and that is what we bring to our auditions and roles. No two auditions ever look the same because we all have our own personal experiences that bleed through. I like to think of the industry as a community and that we are all in it together!

What are some things about yourself that others may find unusual? 
I can speak fluent Spanish! Most people won’t know from looking at me, but I am half Colombian and half Scottish (I got the looks from the Scots!). My household is very culturally diverse. Growing up in Woodbridge, VA would give people the impression that we lived a stereotypical suburban lifestyle. The truth is, the minute you entered our house, you were teleported across the globe. 

What was it like being the yellow ranger in “Power Ranger’s Ninja Steel?”
Did you ever get hurt doing stunts? Being a part of a legacy that is globally respected is an honor. The part that makes the experience so special is the fandom, especially the young children who look at me and truly believe I am a superhero saving the world from evil. As far as stunts go, the stuntmen and women are the ones who did all the heavy lifting. I begged and pleaded to do more stunts on set but the production couldn’t risk the actors getting hurt — but I got some flips in there! What got hurt most was my costumes… I ripped the crotch area multiple times a week. (Sorry wardrobe department!)

What can fans expect from you in the future? I’ve been very fortunate this year to have some other films I worked on have premiered. A punk-rock independent film called ‘Dinner In America’ had its world premiere at Sundance this year, and a heart-warming LGBTQ+ indie called ‘Dramarama’ premiered at Outfest. Be on the lookout for their worldwide distribution in 2021! I’m endlessly proud to be a part of these beautiful films! My team and I have some irons in the flame and once I can say something, I’ll make sure to share it.


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