Cher, Mariah, and Whitney Light Up Music Choice’s Festive Seasonal Channel

Music Choice is set to transform this holiday season into an extraordinary musical journey, celebrating legendary icons Cher, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. Known for their iconic voices and timeless holiday tunes, these artists will feature prominently on Music Choice’s holiday channels, offering a festive soundtrack to the season. Subscribe here for only $0.99!

This year, Music Choice takes it a step further by introducing a variety of holiday and artist-specific channels. Fans of Whitney Houston can revel in the magic of her voice with the Whitney Houston Channel, which showcases her unique renditions of holiday classics. Those who appreciate the harmonies of a cappella will find joy in the Pentatonix Channel, and the smooth, soothing vocals of Michael Bublé are set to create the perfect ambiance for cozy nights by the fire. These additions build on Music Choice’s commitment to diverse musical experiences, previously highlighted in features like our cover story on their innovative channel curation.

Adding to the holiday cheer, Music Choice’s tentpole holiday channel, “Sounds of the Seasons,” is accessible in over 50 million homes, bringing a mix of classic and contemporary holiday tunes directly to listeners. This, coupled with the “Classic Christmas” channel, ensures a rich selection of beloved carols and new favorites, mirroring the range and diversity seen in our previous coverage of Music Choice’s expansive genre offerings. This variety exemplifies Music Choice’s ability to cater to a wide audience, a trait that has been a focal point in our past articles and event coverage.

For an ad-free experience, Music Choice’s new app is an enticing option. For onky $0.99/month, it offers access to the Mariah and Cher Channels, among hundreds of other curated options. This move to a standalone app format, covered in a recent Contrast News piece, marks a significant shift in how Music Choice is adapting to modern listening preferences. The app is available across various platforms, including iOS, Android, Samsung, and Vizio devices, making it easily accessible whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home. Music Choice continues to evolve, as highlighted in our past coverage, adapting to the changing landscape of music consumption while maintaining its focus on delivering quality, diverse musical experiences.

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