North Noah: Queens’ Own Sonic Explorer Redefines the R&B and Hip-Hop Fusion

North Noah, a rising recording artist from the vibrant borough of Queens, New York, is carving a unique path in the music world. His journey began in the culturally rich neighborhood of Flushing, where a diverse array of sounds shaped his artistic vision. Unlike others, Noah doesn’t seek to mimic the typical Queens style. Instead, he aims to represent a variety of sounds, showcasing a breadth of influences that have yet to be explored by others from his area. His approach is experimental and adventurous, inviting listeners to join him on a musical expedition that transcends traditional genre boundaries.


The creation of his music is a process driven by intuition and inspiration. Noah’s approach is selective and thoughtful, focusing on crafting music that feels authentic to his vision. He doesn’t believe in producing a high volume of songs; each track must feel right. This philosophy ensures that his music is not just a collection of sounds but a carefully crafted experience. Taking his time to develop each piece, Noah allows his ideas to evolve organically, resulting in music that resonates deeply with his audience.


His recent single, “THE RIDE,” is a testament to his unique blend of R&B and hip-hop. The song is a narrative of his journey in the music industry, painting a picture of the hard work and dedication required to succeed. Through the song, Noah communicates his self-awareness, his understanding of his worth in the industry, and his readiness to persevere despite challenges. The accompanying music video enhances the storytelling, providing a visual representation of his artistic journey.


Noah’s music has undergone a significant evolution since his early days. Initially, he believed complexity was key to making an impact. However, he soon realized that simplicity often speaks louder, leading to the creation of some of his best work. This evolution reflects a maturity in his approach to music-making, focusing on what truly matters in his art.

As fans eagerly anticipate his upcoming project, Noah promises diversity and a fresh sound. He describes the project as an eclectic mix, likening it to a cinematic experience. It promises to be a journey through various moods and styles, from introspective tracks to vibrant, energetic beats, ensuring there’s something for every listener. With his deep roots in Queens and an unyielding commitment to his craft, North Noah is set to make a significant impact on the music scene.


Catch the full interview with Noah North below.


How has Flushing, Queens influenced your music style? For me, coming from Flushing, Queens, the diversity plays a big part. I try to showcase that in my music. I don’t necessarily seek to sound like an artist from Queens, but more so reflect that diversity in my music in the sense of representing many different sounds that someone from where I’m from hasn’t done before. I consider myself a very experimental and curious person, and I wanna bring people along for that journey in my music and vision. 


Can you describe your process from idea to finished song? Creating music for me can come in many forms of inspiration, but once it hits me, I’m locked in. There is nothing like that feeling. I’m very selective when it comes to choosing beats. I’m not the type of person who creates hundreds of songs and shelf them. It has to be right. The most important thing for me is not to force anything. Taking a break, regardless of how long it takes, I know that once I come back to revisit and it feels right again, it all flows out the way it is supposed to. I don’t allow myself to get stuck on the subject matter or perfect the verse at that moment in time. I let it marinate. The ideas that come to me without referencing a track are the most special to me. I’m creating a whole world for them. To be honest, those are the moments I wish I had all the resources that I need. It’s important to have a team.

What’s the story behind ‘THE RIDE’ and its video? THE RIDE truly is a story of my journey. My goal was to paint that picture for the audience of the hard work it takes to get to where you want to go, regardless of your destination. Through that, I’m letting you know who I am and what I’m about. I’m aware of my worth and my place in the industry. I’m also aware that not many people are willing to listen. But I’m willing to scream if that’s what it takes.  


How has your music evolved and who influenced this change? Early on I added a lot of complexity to my work. I had the impression that the more complex it was, the better it would be perceived. I later realized that wasn’t the case. That’s when I started doing my best work. 


What can fans expect from your upcoming project? Diversity. A fresh sound. The project will feel like you’re listening to a movie score one minute, in your feels the next, on some heavy rap shit, and then on a tropical vacation. There’s something for everyone.

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