Coachella: Where Latinx Pride Meets Healthy Skin, Thanks to Neutrogena®

Calling all young Latinx festival-goers! Coachella, the world-renowned music festival, is not only a time to show off your unique style and vibe with your friends, but it’s also a time to show off your radiant, healthy skin. Luckily, science-backed skincare brand Neutrogena® was the official Skincare and Sun care sponsor of Coachella to help attendees stay sun-safe and boost their skin’s vitality. Neutrogena® showcased a 360 campaign with an on-site tent that included larger-than-life elements to help you understand the importance of maintaining healthy skin. They provided product displays and branded sunscreen dispensers throughout the Coachella grounds, reminding you to take care of your skin.


During both weekends, Neutrogena® hosted a range of both general and Hispanic market influencers to share how they maintained their skin health pre, during, and post-event on social media. Neutrogena® understands that dealing with environmental aggressors can be tough on our skin, especially if you are in the desert for Coachella. That’s why they brought their lead dermatologist, Dr. Bertha Baum, to provide tips on how to boost your skin’s vitals and maintain a healthy complexion.


Dr. Bertha Baum recommends cleansing with the Hydro Boost Gel Cleanser to remove festival dirt, oil, and makeup without drying out your skin. She also suggests using the Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Extra Dry to provide non-stop hydration for the dry, desert air, instantly quenching your skin after a long day of dancing in the sun. And, don’t forget the sunscreen! Use Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 70 to shield your skin six layers deep from the hot desert sun, and avoid burns and hyperpigmentation. This sunscreen also absorbs quickly for a clean, matte finish that you can layer under your festival makeup.

Neutrogena® has also launched a new product, Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer SPF 50. This 2-in-1 facial moisturizer is perfect for protecting and hydrating your skin in the desert. It provides clinically proven weightless hydration plus broad-spectrum SPF for that festival glow. Neutrogena’s Stubborn Acne Ultra-Thin Blemish Patches are perfect for those looking to achieve clearer skin fast, with visible results after just one use. Derm-tested and clinically proven, these patches are perfect for festival-goers who want to look their best from any angle, and can even be used on the go if running late to the shuttle.


Neutrogena® hosted a group of Hispanic market influencers during both weekends to help you show off your Latino pride while maintaining your skin health. Weekend 1 saw Yasmany Del Real (@HolaYasmany) and Leslie Gomez (@Les.Talk.Skin) take the stage, while weekend 2 featured Giannina Gibelli (@GianninaGibelli), Sav Palacio (@SavPalacio), Hillary Tejeda (@Hillary.Star_), Fefi Oliveira (@FefiOliviera), Clarissa Molina (@ClarissaMolina), Aleyda Ortiz (@AleydaOrtiz), and Simone Marval (@SimoneMarval).

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Remember, your skin is your largest organ and your first line of defense against the harsh desert elements. Take care of it with Neutrogena®’s skincare and suncare options, and don’t forget to show off your Latino pride at Coachella! Shop Neutrogena®’s full range of products on their website,

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