Top 13 ‘Si Me Llamas’ TikToks You Should Watch Right Now

Bella Dose is known for being the world’s first Latinx all-girl girl group and according to Glamour, they’re someone who’s music you should add to your playlist ASAP.

On February 19, 2021, the queens of Bella Dose dropped their highly anticipated EP, ‘Suelta’ on all streaming platforms, executively produced by Vicky Curiel. On this track list stood out just one song, ‘Si Me Llamas,’ which picked up momentum on TikTok garnering over 1 billion views across the app.

After the song skyrocketed with popularity on TikTok, some of the top Latin influencers such as Michel Chavez, Brianda Deyanara, Rodrigo ‘El Rod’ Contreras, Dome Lipa, Sophia Talamas, Kunno and more with over 115k videos using the song.

We decided to make a list of our favorite TikToks using ‘Si Me Llamas’ as the sound! Let us know what you think.

  1. Dome Lipa
  2. ‘El Rod’ Contreras

    También lo quería hacer xd ✨

    ♬ Si Me Llamas – Bella Dose

  3. Kimberly Loaiza
  4. Brianda Deyanara
  5. Michel Chavez
  6. Sophia Talamas
  7. Kunno & The Martinez Twins
  8. Bella Dose
  9. Moha (@vegeta7891)

    Quoi ? #fyp #pourtoi #foryou

    ♬ Si Me Llamas – Bella Dose

  10. Cielo Anais
  11. Ashly Montero
  12. Karla Miranda
  13. Sofia Moreno

    Antes de grabar los vídeos había q limpiar el espejo JAJAJAJ

    ♬ Si Me Llamas – Bella Dose

  14. Los Panas

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