Behind the Scenes of “CXO (A Quién No Le Gusta)” with Lenny Tavárez, Piso 21, and Chencho Corleone

Puerto Rican Reggaeton superstar, Lenny Tavárez, invites Contrast Magazine behind the scenes for his new global hit “CXO (A Quién No Le Gusta)”. Produced by Puerto Rican production duo Subelo Neo, this iconic collaboration features the sensual Tavárez alongside the Colombian supergroup Piso 21 and the legendary music pioneer Chencho Corleone.

The Contrast team headed to Mandrake, located in Miami, Florida, where the official music video for “CXO (A Quién No Le Gusta)” was being shot. Directed by Gustavo Camacho and produced by Mastermind Entertainment, this music video is the definition of a night out, partying, and having a good time. During the shoot, we sit down with Lenny, who shares his excitement to be recording and releasing new music that will consist of “mucho perreo, perreo, perreo.”

Contrast: How did this collaboration between you, Piso 21, and Chencho Corleone happen?

Lenny Tavárez: “For Chencho to be on my album, to me, is an honor. To have Piso 21 is also a great honor; this song was actually first created with Piso 21. Then we called Chencho because we all felt like the song was saying, “please Chencho, come and make this complete.” I invited him directly and to have everyone on this song is a blessing to my career, my fans, and to all reggaeton music lovers.”


Contrast: How does it feel to have someone you admired when starting your music career to now say, “Yes! I’d love to be on the song”?

Lenny Tavárez: “It’s one of those goals you have on your bucket list that the moment it comes to life, it lets you know that what you’re doing is working. You’re gaining the respect of people that you grew up listening to, and the reason you started admiring reggaeton music is because they did it and how they did it. And to have them supporting me today is a representation of not only me but my fans, my family, the whole story of my career that we’re doing the right things.”


Contrast Magazine had a chance to sit down with the Colombian group Piso 21 during the music video shoot. The quartet shared their excitement for the song release with Lenny and Chencho, the composition creation process, their recent collaboration with Manuel Turizo, and even joined in for a fun game of “Who’s Most Likely to?”

Contrast: How did this collaboration with Lenny, Chencho, and you guys happen?

Dim of Piso 21: “This was a song that when we created it, we were thinking about Chencho. We did it here in Miami with Lenny. I think inviting Chencho to the song after creating the composition thinking of him, and for him to accept it and throw in his part, and gave it the touch the song was missing to make this dream a reality. We’re delighted, and Chencho is going through an incredible and privileged moment and we feel the same.”


Contrast: You also have a recent collaboration with Manuel Turizo; tell us about that.

Lorduy of Piso 21: “That literally just dropped last night, “Los Cachos.” A song we dropped with Manuel Turizo and La Creme. We’re super happy with that collaboration. We’re very appreciative of Manuel Turizo and his whole team. And Keityn, who helped create some of the lyrics.”


It’s almost impossible not to want to get up, dance, and do *fun things* all night to “CXO (A Quién No Le Gusta).” Lenny’s lyrical mastery that can make anyone fall in love and Piso 21’s undeniable musical talents, along with Chencho’s instantly recognizable vocal style, the song is the perfect addition to any party or weekend playlist. With lyrics like “a quien no le gusta pasar un buen rato,” which translated means “who doesn’t like to have a good time”. Besides the sensual vibes that Lenny is internationally known for, he now welcomes and shares an inside look to a new chapter in his life: Fatherhood. 


Lenny Tavárez: “In the beginning I thought that I didn’t want to share a lot about that side of my life. But in reality, it’s such a special, beautiful, and organic moment in my life that I want my fans to experience it with me. It’s a chapter that’s very human and I know I’m creating a deeper connection with my fans. But I’m getting back to how I like to say “la cancha (the playing field)” to play cause this life of being a father is addicting.”

Contrast: What makes Lenny Tavárez strikingly different?

Lenny Tavárez: “I feel like I wake up every morning trying to be the best version of myself every day. I think by trying to overcome yourself each day, you find that uniqueness within yourself… you can’t compare yourself to anyone. You are like nobody else. You are the best version of yourself. And that’s what makes each of us different.”


Check out the official song and music video for “CXO (A Quién No Le Gusta)” on all digital streaming platforms.

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