Danny Ocean has made a new universe with his music

Danny Ocean is an artist who is going to remain faithful to his art and always be himself. Through his latest single, “Cuántas veces,” featuring Justin Quiles, they tell a story of romance and heartbreak that instantly grabs listeners’ attention.

Ocean has already achieved significant milestones within his career as he is the first Latin solo artist to reach 1.4 billion streams on Spotify from his song “Me Rehúso.”

“It feels crazy, man. It was the first official song that I put out on all the platforms. I still don’t believe that four years later, the song is still making news,” he said. 

He fell in love with music at an early age after his father introduced him to it as a child, where he recorded and wrote his first song.

“I believe that was the first connection… after that, I just began producing when I was in high school,” Ocean said.

He knew that he wanted to share his gift with the world and create music with different sounds, melodies and lyrics. 

“Creating is like an addiction and you’re always creating… it’s just something that’s inside of you,” he said.

With his music, he emphasizes the importance of looking at the bright side with so much chaos happening in the world Ocean wants to remain the light for people to have and bring them joy through music. 

With inspiration such as Coldplay and Daft Punk, he continues to bring the magic within his music as they did to keep listeners in an upbeat and energetic mood.

He is in a much more collaborative space through his new chapter as he creates a new universe with his music.

“It’s like my own essence with the essence with other people. There’s going to be a lot of love,” he said.

He emphasized knowing that there will only be one Danny Ocean and that his talent and gift could never be replaced.

“I have to be me,” he said. He expressed that individuality is important to him and that he was put on this earth to add his unique flavor and share his art.

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