Meet Inde Navarrette of CW’s New ‘Superman and Lois’ Series

Born to an Australian mother and Latino father, Inde Navarrette, best known for her role as “Estela de la Cruz” in Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why,” just celebrated her 20th birthday on March 3rd and is looking forward to everything 2021 has to offer.

Recently cast as Sarah Crushing in the CW series “Superman and Lois,” the Redondo Beach born actress shared some fun info about herself as well as the scoop on her role in the popular CW series.

Photography by Yarden Lior

Do you believe in ghosts and have you seen one? “I don’t trust people who don’t believe in ghosts! There was a spirit in my brother’s room that just didn’t want to leave. My best friend and I were watching a scary movie in his room, so we were both a little on edge. We started hearing noises so my dumb-ass shouts “Is there anyone there?… and we heard a definitive “Yes” in response. Later…in early 2020 when I lived with her, I woke up to her freaking out one night because 2 snow globes across the room started playing music and then stopped. When her mother checked the globes, there were no batteries inside either globe!”

Tell us the weirdest fact about you! “Ummmm… I’m very weird in general, so I don’t have the best radar of what others will consider to be weird, but I guess maybe that I genuinely wish I could eat the rocks at the bottom of fish tanks. Or soap….?!”

Congrats on your role in the new CW series “Superman and Lois.” How have you grown as an actress since your breakout role in “13 Reasons Why” last summer? “Taking as much time as needed during the quarantine to work on myself was important to me because I knew this was going to be the start to something new. I knew that I couldn’t bring how awful 2020 was into the new year with me. By taking that time for myself during quarantine, I can confidently say that my work has sincerely improved!”

Photography by Yarden Lior

For those who haven’t seen the new CW series “Superman and Lois,” how would you describe it? “Superman and Lois” is… if “Friday Night Lights” had Superman in it. It is grounded, rooted in family, and has some kick ass scenes (with and without Superman). I think the fans will enjoy seeing Clark Kent and Lois Lane being parents and struggling with the real-life issues every parent has to go through.”

How do you differ from your character, Sarah, and in what ways do you envy her? “Art imitating life has been a theme in my career so far because I’ve found such luck with characters that I have understood inside and out due to experiences in my own life. With Sarah, we both had to grow up very young, but we’ve gone about channeling this early sense of maturity in different ways. Sarah’s motivation towards holding her family accountable stems from her wanting her family to be whole and happy again. I really admire my character’s tenacity and resilience.”

Photography by Yarden Lior

The world is in a re-set moment culturally, racially, and in so many other ways. How do you feel you are playing your part in this change as an actor? “When I was auditioning for this role, I wasn’t thinking about how my character could play a part racially or culturally. I really looked at the material and saw in my head how me as Inde Navarrette could bring it to life. It wasn’t written with a specific race or culture or ethnicity in mind, so it allowed me to freely play with it. But as I have developed Sarah throughout this season and coming from my own Mexican roots, I have allowed my background to naturally shine through.” 

When you look back at your career, what would you say is that one consistent thing that sets you apart from everybody else? “I think that something that I will consistently do is always follow what I believe will be in. Ultimately, if anyone were to look at my life and pick out one thing to take away or a running theme it would be that I am living my life authentically.”

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