Darell Receives Billboard In Times Square With Spotify Promoting New Album “Everybody Go To The Discotek”

Puerto Rican urban music sensation, Darell, found himself in a surreal moment as his image graced a colossal billboard in Times Square, a remarkable achievement orchestrated by Spotify. Expressing his incredulous joy on Instagram, Darell’s heartfelt video captures the raw emotions of the experience, where he exclaimed, “OMG I’M ON A BILLBOARD IN TIMES SQUARE 🗽 I DON’T BELIEVE THAT SHIT 🫣 I’M SO HAPPY 😀.” This significant milestone is a testament to Darell’s journey from modest beginnings to international acclaim, coinciding with the resounding success of his latest album, “Everybody go to the Discotek.”

Amidst a surge of gratitude, Darell extended sincere appreciation to Spotify for the monumental recognition, emphasizing his thanks with a triple “GRACIAS 🙏🏻.” Beyond personal triumph, Darell also celebrated his feature on the cover of “Baila Reggaetón,” an extra layer of pride amplifying his ongoing accomplishments. With heartfelt acknowledgment for his devoted fans, he conveyed, “A MIS FANS GRACIAS POR EL APOYO LOS AMO CON MI VIDA ❤️,” while maintaining an unyielding commitment to achieve even more: “VAMOS POR MAS 💪.” This poignant moment signifies not only Darell’s evolution but also underscores the profound connection he shares with his dedicated audience.

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