DARUMAS Sets The Stage In Their New Album “DARUMAS” Igniting A Wave Of Latin Funk

When was the last time you heard an all Latin female band with soulful lyrics, beats and moves ? Probably not, and DARUMAS is here to be your new favorite band. They are definitely what the Latin industry has been missing out on, a girl band who all play instruments, naturally have a voice that harmonizes together and a multicultural band representing different parts of Latin America.

The band is made up of Aldana (bassist from Argentina),
Ceci (vocalist from Miami with Cuban roots) and Vedala ( vocalist from Haiti and living in Chile).The band is signed with Sony Music Latin for recordings, Walter Kolm Entertainment for management. Notably, they have opened  for Emilia’s sold-out stadium shows in Argentina.

They just released their first  7-track debut album “DARUMAS” which was recorded in 5020 Studios in Miami. With their latest single “Mago,” the rhythms are influenced by disco, funk, and Latin pop.

Contrast had the chance to chat with DARUMAS on their recent album release.

What inspires you when composing?

Aguirre: My inspiration for the songs came, in my case, from Michael Jackson, for example, Al Green, Motown music, 80’s music, and also more current things or more current artists that are kind of on the funkier pop side.

Vilmond: Dinah Washington.

Leon: I like jazz fusions, neo-jazz, what Hiatus Kaiyote and D’Angelo do, and those closer to R&B.

What were your favorite parts of the album-making process?

Leon: As always, when you make an album, you have to spend a lot of time in the studio, and I loved it. My favorite part was making music with my friends.
Vilmond: My favorite part was eating sour candy right after recording the vocals.
Aguirre: I loved seeing how the songs mutated through the collaborative process and how the initial demo turned into full songs, thanks to the input of the bandmates and the other musicians we got together in the studio.
Vilmond: Now, seriously, I also enjoyed the evolution of the songs very much.

Photography: Lucía Olmos

What would you like young women who want to become professional artists and musicians to know about what it’s like to pursue a career in music?
Leon: Just pick up the guitar, bass, whatever, and get into it, don’t let anyone stand in your way, and don’t let people discourage you. There are a lot of people who will tell you that you can’t, but don’t listen to them. Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams.
Aguirre: In principle, let them do what makes them happiest. Don’t think so much about what outsiders think. It’s always the most genuine thing that will connect with the audience. So, the more true to yourself, the better, and that will connect more with people. Besides, you can’t be shy with your talent, you have to look for opportunities and show what you can do…
Vilmond: I also recommend that they seek the support of their parents. They should support their children because when you are young, it is difficult to do things on your own. If I didn’t have my father’s support, maybe I wouldn’t be here where I am. So fathers should also motivate their daughters. Say yes, Let’s go, let’s go.
Leon: To the daughters to practice, to work hard, and everything will be fine. 


What is your musical background, and how has it influenced your art?
Leon: Music is the only thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been singing since I was born and I grew up playing piano, I’ve been taking lessons since I was five years old. At 11 or 12, I started playing guitar and fell in love. For a while, I listened to pure classic rock, the music I grew up with, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin. Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks were my mom’s favorite bands. As I got older, I got into jazz and even went to college to study jazz guitar. That’s what I was doing, studying and playing everywhere I could when I started the band.
Vilmond: I’ve always loved music, since I was a little girl in Haiti. I have an aunt who is a singer and is a great inspiration to me and my father worked as a sound engineer in his youth. Once I moved to Chile with my family at 11 years old, I started doing covers on social networks. When I was 13 years old, I was walking in the street, I got on a stage to sing and went “viral.” Many people started to support me, and I said wow, this is my thing. At 15, I signed with Sony Music, released two songs and now we are here with DARUMAS. I took piano, singing, and virtual dance lessons during the pandemic to complete my education.
Aguirre: I was fortunate to be born and grow up in a musical and artistic environment. My parents are also musicians, although not professionally as I do. I grew up going to rehearsals, surrounded by instruments and cables. In recording studios and seeing live shows. As I grew up, I went through the typical recorder at school, then the flute, then the guitar, and more or less in my adolescence, I discovered the bass, the electric bass, and that’s when I realized that this was my main instrument. From there, I started playing with many artists from different parts of the world and with different bands and styles. I always liked to be in different projects, so I wouldn’t be pigeonholed into one style or artist. And I think that’s what allowed me to travel the world and tour with great artists, playing in stadiums and arenas. Now I’m in a completely new stage and feel like I’m starting over because it’s no longer as a session bassist but as an artist and being in front of an audience. It’s something new for me, and I’m excited about it.

Contrast Magazine highlights strikingly different artists and DARUMAS shared what this means to them “ Something that makes us different as a band is just the combination of cultures we bring from the different places we come from. At the same time, this also makes us global because we have all put into our music everything that makes us artists and people.”

The future for DARUMAS is bright. With new music on the horizon and plans for shows across the globe, including Mexico, Colombia, and potentially Spain and Venezuela. DARUMAS is just getting started and are set to make an unforgettable mark in the music scene.

Make sure you listen here! 

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