DJ Khaled & SNIPES Unveil We The Best Store in Miami Beach With Recording Studio And Office

The grand opening of the We The Best x SNIPES store in South Beach Miami was an event filled with excitement and anticipation. With DJ Khaled and SNIPES CEO Sven Voth at the forefront, the collaboration brought together the worlds of music, fashion, and street culture. The 6,105 square foot store on Collins Avenue represented not just a retail space but a celebration of Miami’s unique sneaker and streetwear culture, with DJ Khaled’s artistic touch evident in the modern and futuristic design.


DJ Khaled’s involvement in the store, including a fully equipped recording studio, supported local talent and boosted Miami’s creative atmosphere. This initiative aligned with SNIPES’ goal of making a positive impact on the community.


Miami provided the perfect backdrop for the We The Best x SNIPES store, as it drew inspiration from the city’s distinctive culture, vibrant energy, and a strong sense of community. The grand opening celebration, hosted by DJ Khaled, further solidified the store’s significance as a cultural landmark in the city. With a ribbon-cutting ceremony, community giveaways, and special appearances by notable celebrities and tastemakers, the event was a momentous occasion that uplifted the Miami community.

SNIPES’ commitment to empowering and celebrating street culture was evident not just through the product offerings from top brands but also through their efforts to connect with communities both locally and globally. The store’s presence in Miami symbolized a fusion of creativity and inclusivity, promising to resonate deeply with the city’s dynamic spirit and cultural diversity.

Moving forward, DJ Khaled and SNIPES looked forward to creating more unique experiences that would uplift and engage the Miami community, solidifying their place in the city’s cultural fabric.

The We The Best x SNIPES store is now open to the public as of August 3, 2 p.m. EST at 673 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139. For further details, please visit

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