Dr. Love’s Impact: How Nikki Starr’s Work is Empowering Communities

Nikki Starr, known as #DrLove, made her mark on a Fox TV show, where she shared her healthy and spiritual lifestyle. Despite the challenges of building a society from scratch on the show, Nikki found it to be a rewarding experience. Fan mail from viewers continues to pour in, thanking her for introducing them to new aspects of health, healing, wellness, and spirituality.

Nikki expressed her desire to return to the screen and reach millions of people for the awakening and healing of humanity. She envisions a show that combines elements of Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil, offering coaching, health tips, and spiritual insights. Additionally, she is open to another reality show where she guides participants through inspiring and healing experiences.

The impact of Nikki’s work on her community is profound. Her relatable background as a medical doctor instills trust in her audience, enabling them to embrace alternative healing information with greater receptiveness. Nikki’s work offers hope and empowerment, inspiring individuals to heal and evolve themselves for the better. One of Nikki’s remarkable success stories involves a client who revived her sexless marriage through Tantra coaching, leading to a stronger relationship and substantial financial growth. This example highlights the transformative power of Nikki’s work on both internal and external levels.

Nikki’s journey has evolved from being a medical doctor to becoming a yoga teacher, coach, and media personality. She currently teaches workshops, intensives, and online courses, blending various modalities to help people achieve their desired goals and experiences.

Nikki’s recent endeavors include the launch of “The Dr. Nikki Starr Show,” a podcast that delves into spirituality, personal development, healing, wellness, and relationships. She has also partnered with a music label to share her guided meditations on major streaming platforms. Nikki Starr’s ultimate message through her work is to inspire transformation, awaken consciousness, and empower individuals to live their ultimate potential. She envisions a world where peace, abundance, love, and joy are the foundation of everyday existence.

The public got to know you on a Fox’s TV show. How was that experience? It was wonderful to have the opportunity to be on a FOX show just being myself reaching the masses as an example of someone living a healthy and spiritual lifestyle. This was one unexpected way to share my mission with the world and inspire people. They named me #DrLove on the show, which was fun. It was also, however, one of the most challenging experiences of my life because we were creating a society from scratch. There was no running water or electricity or food when we arrived. 


Plus with 15 people from different backgrounds and view points there was a lot of conflicting opinions. It definitely had me put my spiritual practices to the test and was an experience I’ll never forget! It was definitely worth it though because I still receive fan mail with people thanking me for exposing them to different aspects of health, healing, wellness and spirituality they weren’t aware of or practicing before – everything from food, yoga, meditation and ways of seeing the world. Because of my time on the show I realized the power of media as a platform to affect change and expand consciousness in humanity.


Are we going to see you back on the screen anytime soon? Yes! I’d love to be back on the screen again soon. Several opportunities have come since then but I trust there is a perfect fit for me to reach millions of people for the awakening and healing of humankind to help create a better earth in a way that is enjoyable doing what I love with people I love. Perhaps a Dr. Nikki Starr Show, which could be a fresher, younger generation version of a Dr Oz / Dr Phil hybrid kind of show with coaching, health, wellness and spirituality tips. Or perhaps another version of a reality show where I take people through coaching and healing experiences that are inspiring and healing for others to watch too. I trust my next on screen appearance will be for the highest good of all.


How do you believe your work impacts your community? I’ve always been told that I offer people hope with my work because my life and client results are an example of what’s possible for us all. With my simple upbringing and diverse background of where I come from and my life experiences, I am relatable to a large audience. The perspective shifts and healing tips I share empower people to heal and evolve themselves for the better. I also feel my background as a medical doctor helps people to trust some of the alternative healing information I share. Even though I have a science background with training in how to treat people with western medicine, I think people find it fascinating that I choose natural, ancient and spiritual ways of healing and are more receptive to it all.

Can you share a story of a client whose life you have positively impacted through your work? One client who I have been working with for over two years comes to mind. I find her journey to be extremely inspiring. We began working together when she was turning 27 years old. She originally came to me for Tantra coaching because her and her husband were in a sexless marriage even though they loved each other. Eventually with the help of relationship and Tantra coaching, they went on to have 4-5 hour sex rituals and their relationship became better than they could have ever imagined. She then continued to work with me for her own personal development, feminine embodiment, life and business coaching. She was making $80K a year as a speech pathologist, they were renting a small home that barely had enough space for their things and life was pretty monotonous. 


Within the first year of working with me she went from sharing office space to opening 2 new clinics and had a $250K year. They also moved into their dream home with gorgeous views and more bedrooms than they needed, she also healed her relationship with her parents and came into deeper self love where her feminine radiance really shines through and she adorned herself differently. In year two, she opened a third clinic and doubled income to $500K. They also traveled first class and five star. This year she is on track for a million dollar year, she just climbed to Everest basecamp and she is started her second business as a healer and coach through the transformation and mentorship she has received through our work together. And she isn’t even 30 years old! It’s quite impressive what this work can do. So much transformation and healing happens internally and on a soul level that then manifests into the physical through the tangible upgrades and results clients experience in their daily life. 


How has your work evolved over time? I began my call to healing as a medical doctor but after my intern year of residency I knew it was not the path for me. While working in the hospital I used to joke around and say, “I wish I was just a yoga instructor.” I followed my joy, which at the time was travel and yoga and accidentally found myself in a yoga teacher training after searching for a month long yoga retreat. Yoga teaching then organically turned to coaching as people saw my transformations and life changes on social media and they began asking me questions and personal advice. 


I then appeared on TV on the FOX reality show as well as other TV interview segments to share about wellness and spirituality. Then I began teaching classes, workshops and retreats in person combining all of the different modalities I have used on my personal journey. Then before the pandemic I received the intuition to go completely online, so I did and developed a library of online courses, classes and healings, as well as created offers for group coaching programs and 1:1 work with individuals and couples. Recently I’ve been drawn to reach the masses again so I’ve launched a podcast, am appearing in the media again and have released guided meditations through a music label. Perhaps the next chapter will include TV again! 


You just launched a podcast, can you share more with us about what you do with your show? And what we can expect this season? My podcast, The Dr. Nikki Starr Show, is a place anyone can come listen (or watch as we post the video on YouTube also) to learn more about spirituality, personal development, healing, mysticism, energy, wellness, relationships, Tantra, mindset, manifestation and anything that supports you to live your ultimate potential. This first season is more of an introduction to certain philosophies and understandings about reality and laws of the universe. We are creating a foundation for a more spiritual, multidimensional way of living life. Eventually I will have occasional guests on the show but for the most part it is a solo podcast as I am have so much wisdom and consciousness to share with you all!

You also signed with a music label! Congrats! How’s this new chapter looking for you? Where can anyone stream you? Thank you! It’s been very exciting to sign with a music label for my guided meditations to reach the masses. We will also be launching music videos in the pipeline. This brings me such joy as this is a way to express and share my art of dance as well. My music/meditations are streaming on 55 of the major platforms including Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora, Sirius, SoundCloud, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, etc. Please listen, watch and enjoy! 


Can you explain what Dr. Love is, and how it differs from your other work? When I appeared on the FOX reality show that’s what they named me. I think they were inspired to when they asked me to finish the sentence: “My Utopia is all about…” and I said “LOVE!” I am also a relationship and Tantra coach, and much of my life philosophy revolves around unconditional love and compassion for all as the means to live a more harmonious, peaceful and enjoyable life.


What inspired you to start teaching workshops and intensives, and how has that impacted your work? Hosting in person and online workshops, programs and intensives was a natural evolution of my work because I have so much to share, both information as well as tangible practices which I like to call embodiment work. Going through these types of guided experiences, I feel, really help people to feel and understand the work I teach on a practical level so it can be used in everyday life for desired goals, experiences and outcomes.


How do you balance your teaching and work in the entertainment industry with your personal life? Well the true secret is to have your work be who you are. This is true for me. None of what I do is work because my work is simply who I am. What I teach I live in my everyday life and with the people I spend my time with. The people in my life understand who I am and are supportive of my work and lifestyle. Even just being out with friends can often turn work related by networking with new people I meet. So everything flows together and makes for quite a beautiful well-rounded existence. 


I used to work a lot as I am a born and bred New Yorker and a trained medical doctor, which both required a strong work ethic and it’s the culture to work a lot and be busy all the time. However, now I value spaciousness and lots of free time to enjoy life and do whatever I want. It sounds cliche, but when I started working smarter, not harder, and when I realized the role that energy plays in our success, that’s when everything expanded to the next level for me. 


What advice do you have for anyone interested in learning more about what you do? Follow me on Instagram @drnikkistarr (especially my stories), listen to my podcast, subscribe to my mailing list, be guided by my meditations, visit my website DrNikkiStarr.com and take any of my online courses or classes. I love sharing about my life and often use my real life experiences as examples in my work.


Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or initiatives you’re working on? My team is making waves in the media for me at the moment with this year’s focus to use media platforms as a way to awaken consciousness in humanity. You’ll see me on magazine covers and on a billboard in Times Square in June. There will be TV interviews and perhaps a new TV show or some features in existing ones. The podcast, meditations and music videos are also projects we are focusing on. I have several books to publish and we will have a book signing/speaking tour once that all happens. I also started a 501c non-profit this year called Support the Feminine, which will house a few different initiatives, which I will begin promoting as everything continues to come together.


What message do you hope to share with the world through your work? Through my work may I inspire transformation and catalyze awakening for people to remember the powerful, unique incredible beings each one of us are. That we are all creators here to live any reality we desire. May my work empower people to heal and live their ultimate potential. May my work joyfully motivate changes in lifestyle and ways of being for the better for even more love, joy, peace, abundance and harmony for all. Most importantly may my work be a force for change so that everyone on the planet knows peace, abundance, love and joy as the frequency we all get to live everyday for the most beautiful existence.


Something that you are looking forward this year? I am looking forward to reaching millions of people for the awakening and healing of humankind to create a better earth. I am looking forward to all the new opportunities and people I will meet along the way. I am also looking forward to the process being very creative and fun!

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