Behind the Scenes of ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ Remake: Anthony Hamilton’s Unique Opportunity

Actor Anthony Hamilton‘s journey from athlete to social media star to actor has been a seamless transition. Hamilton’s motivation to explore different avenues of entertainment comes from his desire to be versatile and push his comfort zone.

When discussing the impact of social media, Hamilton compares it to modern-day television, highlighting its reach and immediacy. He mentions his article in Forbes as a memorable feature, where he takes pride in sharing his life-changing experiences with others. Sports hold a special place in Hamilton’s heart, as they saved him from a potentially short or irresponsible life. He cherishes the impact they’ve had on him and continues to consider them his first love.

Hamilton had the privilege of working on the remake of “White Men Can’t Jump,” directed by Kenya Barris and Blake Griffin. He considers it a unique and blessed opportunity and believes he delivered a strong performance that motivates him to pursue unconventional projects. Working with rapper Jack Harlow brought a new level of entertainment to the film. Hamilton recalls a funny moment on set when Harlow surprised everyone with his signature chicken sandwich meal during the last week of shooting.

Regarding his future in acting, Hamilton is determined to continue his pursuit and sees a bright future ahead. He acknowledges the need to improve his casting speed and networking skills for future projects. Being recognized as the creative and media talent for “Sports Illustrated” is a significant accomplishment for Hamilton. He advises others on a similar path to practice patience and cooperation, emphasizing that success on social media requires dedication and hard work.

Despite suffering two knee injuries during high school basketball, Hamilton sees them as valuable experiences that enhanced his career. They taught him important life skills and emphasized the importance of personal growth beyond the court. Anthony Hamilton’s multifaceted career serves as an inspiration to others looking to explore different avenues in the entertainment industry. His journey highlights the importance of preparedness, versatility, and the willingness to step out of one’s comfort zone.

Catch the complete interview with Anthony Hamilton below.

What has it been like transitioning from an athlete to a social media star and finally an actor? The transition wasn’t as difficult because, in all parts of my life, I’ve prepared myself to ensure I was ready to take the risk of trying something new that could possibly divert my career.

What motivates you to dip your toes in every avenue of entertainment?
I want to be a jack of all trades, and being versatile is something that makes you rare in this space. People usually stick with what they’re comfortable and good at, and I like to push my comfort zone to become better.  

What is your opinion on the impact that social media has had around the world? In my opinion, social media is modern-day television. The reach that you have with your phone in seconds is beyond what TV networks can do in years.

Are there any features such as editorials on ESPN, World Slam, and more that stuck out to you?
My article in Forbes is definitely the one that stuck out to me the most! Watching my life change in front of my eyes, with people witnessing that, is something that I pride myself on!

Do you consider sports to be your first love?
1,000,000,000%!!! Sports will ALWAYS be what saved me from a short or irresponsible life.

What was it like working on Kenya Barris and Blake Griffin’s remake of “White Men Can’t Jump”?
It was a very unique opportunity that I’m blessed to be able to be selected for. I feel like I delivered on my end of the movie, and it motivated me to continue doing things that people don’t usually see being done.

Working alongside rapper Jack Harlow had to bring a new level of entertainment to the film. What fond memories did you create with Harlow? The funniest moment on set with Jack Harlow was the last week of shooting the film. He brought in his signature chicken sandwich meal for everybody on set at the conclusion of the day!

What do you see in your future regarding additional acting opportunities? I definitely will continue to pursue acting in the future, and I feel like I have a bright future with it. The speed of my getting cast, and networking, is what I’m working to improve for future projects.

Becoming the creative and media talent for “Sports Illustrated” is quite an accomplishment. What advice would you give to someone who is on the same path?
Any person who wants to follow the same path must practice patience and cooperation. A lot of people are new to the space and still don’t understand how it really works. There’s no secret code to social media; it’s just practice.

Do you feel suffering two knee injuries as a basketball player in high school redirected your career?
Suffering from two knee surgeries actually enhanced my career because it allowed me to learn more about myself and the importance of gaining life skills off the court — skills that I use today!


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