Pedro Capo’s New Album Brings Love, Light and Healing Words

Puerto Rican singer Pedro took the world by storm with his mega-smash, “Calma.” No stranger to music, it’s been part of DNA since his grandfather is salsa legend, Bobby Capo. He was born into this world, and through his father, he learned music and instruments from a young age. There was no doubt that this was always the path for him. His sound developed through life, as he was open to absorbing and allowing inspiration as things came about. The Pedro Capo, in today’s time, appreciates and even further respects all the genres. He was giving his hat’s off to fellow reggaeton artists for changing all the rules. Thanks to them, Latin music has once again become a dominating force. 

Through a discovery of sounds came about a “little” song called Calma. Initially refused by his label, his heart was in it, and he took a risk. It paid off because after releasing it, “Calma” took off virally. Reggaeton artist Farruko asked to jump on a remix, and together they created the global smash hit that is today. Amassing more than 4.6 billion streams, 2 Billion Views, 2 Latin Grammys, he was literally on the money. “Calma” has not been his only contribution to music. Pedro also did several other chart-topping hits like “Tutu,” and “Te Olvidare.” In addition to making a big splash on the Latin scene, he has also been part of humanitarian projects. 

Pedro was part of a massive roster for “Color Esperanza,” an initiative with Global Citizen Fund, whose mission is to end world hunger. “It’s always an honor to be of service.” The bill featured some of Latin’s music legends, and Pedro fit just right in. 

Time is not being wasted as Pedro has released a brand new album. Even including English in some tracks; he can broaden his audience with the Latin American market. A concept album named MUNAY, it means to love and comes from Quechua, and shamanic medicine. A practice he has carried for several years. The central theme of love is maintained throughout while exploring different aspects of the emotion. His voice’s versatility is another highlight, quickly jumping through different genres, creating a cohesive, curated collection. He describes the album as honest and open, a mirror to reflect and connect to because we all go through experiences. The music is intended to brighten the day and lighten the soul. Helming creative control, his personal touch of influences is very much present and alive. 

Music may be his first love, but Pedro is a man of many talents. He also is an actor. Initially reluctant to audition, he listened to his manager’s advice and went for it. The result was nailing the part of The Sweet Spot production at the iconic Apollo Theatre in New York City. After that moment, the rest was history. He starred in several successful projects throughout his career, including Paraiso Travel, co-starring with John Leguizamo. Since the House of Buggindays, a fan of his work was a union of two Latino talents pushing the culture forward.

While one can assume acting and music are separate entities, it’s the opposite for Pedro. Instead of treating them as two different arts, he uses acting as an additional skill to his musician side and vice versa. Viewing a performance and scripts as rhythms and melodies, they elevate him as an artist overall. While Pedro, the musician, is in full force, we can expect to see him on the big screen when the opportunity arises. 

Songwriter, musician, and actor, the man does it all. His career is taking significant leaps, yet his core remains unchanged. His artistry leaves a positive imprint on the world through his honesty, respect, and solemn approach to simplicity. Spreading love and light, Pedro Capo is all the right vibes.

Latin Music Editor at Contrast Magazine.


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