Entrepreneur Justin Grome Talks Social Media, Joining Forbes Council & More

Justin Grome has always wanted to do something to help people but figuring out what that was turned out to be tricky.

At first, he wanted to be a doctor, then he wanted to be an attorney. But while in school studying law, he discovered that the best way to help as many people as possible was by assisting them with their business needs.

Grome founded a company called Confluence that provided clients with skills in starting and growing businesses, with an emphasis on social media and marketing. He enhanced this with his own social media activity that shares his personal growth, including his photography, his fitness and his own marketing efforts.

Today, he’s a serial entrepreneur and social media influencer with millions of followers. He’s part of the Forbes Council and continues to enjoy assisting budding entrepreneurs get the word out about the exciting things they and their businesses are doing.

How did you come up with the idea of Clonefluence? It’s a combination of Clone and Influence. When we were first getting going, we wanted to help people ‘create a better you.’  So we were using what I was doing on social media as an example, and decided that we could clone that idea of helping clients make a new and improved version of themselves through a campaign. It will help their profiles grow, give them a strong public image, and provide all sorts of growth opportunities.

What should young entrepreneurs be focusing on? I tell them to start by following their dreams. There’s going to be all sorts of people telling you not to do something, like maybe it’s too risky. But your dreams are stronger than any of this. My advice is to ignore some of the negative voices, keep your head down and circle small, and commit to what you’re trying to get done. Even if what you want is far outside the box, you need to keep yourself motivated and willing to work hard at it.

How important is time management? This is a skill that I’ve worked on but it takes practice. If you nail this skill, then you can get a lot more done, including spending time with family and having some free time. I make sure to take breaks and make sure I’m not burning out. I also try to fill some of my free time with ways to improve myself – I’m always writing and reading.

Is it a challenge being a social influencer? I love doing this. I love sharing what I do, where I go, and how I live, since I would be doing this anyway, without my businesses. I try not to be a different person. I know there are people who feel pressure to be other personas to gain their numbers faster, who get tired of it all.  But since I like helping, it’s really enjoyable.

Learn more about Justin Grome. @justingrome, @clonefluence and @clonedgg.


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