Fifth Harmony Releases Self Titled Album

The world has anxiously been anticipating the release of Fifth Harmony’s third studio album for what seems like a lifetime. But fear not, the long wait is over and it was definitely worth it.

Late last night the ‘Angel‘ singers dropped the self titled album and harmonizers everywhere are going crazy.



In many recent interviews the girls have openly discussed how they contributed to this album in more ways than they ever have before on previous albums. From writing, helping create/choose beats, and of course using their angelic voices to sing, the girls are taking major control over their careers. Due to this the world finally can truly see who Fifth Harmony is and I’ve never felt more blessed. It really is only fitting that they made this album self titled. We finally get to hear them sing something they’ve personally written. With that being said, there’s a new level of emotion you can hear in each of the girls voices and it’s truly something extordinary. This is the the real Fifth Harmony being introduced to the world.

Fifth Harmony 2017 Promo Photo

With all ten tracks being ultimate bops, its hard to choose favorites. However, I’ve managed to narrow down my top two (as of right now, at least). Usually I’m into the type of songs you can dance to in a club, but with this album I’m getting a totally different vibe and going for the slower songs.

The first song out of my top two is “Don’t Say You Love Me”. This song got me so far in my feelings that I think I’m going to need a couple months to recover. Lyrically it is incredibly deep and anyone who has gone through a heartbreak will certainly be able to relate to it. From the second the song started I had a feeling it was going to make me cry and SURPRISE it did. Honestly, I don’t even think I made it half way before I started bawling, and that just proves how much emotion you can hear in the girls voices during this track.

The second song out of my top two is “Bridges”. This song has a purpose and it’s to spread a very important message across the world. Lyrically I feel like I can’t even begin to try describe it, because I just won’t be able to do it justice. With lyrics like “we build bridges, bridges not walls”, “I believe in the beauty of love”, and “I believe every woman is a fighter” this song conquers many issues currently going on in the world. I commend the ladies of 5H for this song because unlike many people they aren’t just ignoring these worldwide issues. They are using their platform to help take a stand and that is truly beautiful. The song actually gave me chills and I encourage everyone to listen to it, take in the lyrics, and really process what they are saying. I have faith that this song has the potential to take over the world and if people genuinely listen to the lyrics it can help make it a much more gorgeous place for all of us.

Fifth Harmony at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards

It’s clear that these four ladies are the happiest that they’ve ever been and we couldn’t be more happy for them. They deserve every ounce of success they achieve and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Don’t forget to check out their performance on the VMA’s this Sunday, August 27th and make sure to purchase “Fifth Harmony” on iTunes and stream it on Spotify.

Sydney Hajduk is a contributor to many sites and is also the Director of Social Media for Xtra Radio. She is also studying communications and journalism at the University of Rhode Island.


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