How Miley Cyrus Took Over Instagram in 2017

2017 was, undoubtedly Miley Cyrus‘ year. Not only is Miley wrapping up NBC’s The Voice, the pop music icon is completely taking over social media. However, one platform in particular stands out; Instagram. Miley has used her platform of 73.6 million followers to showcase advocacy, fashion, music, and many more. Luckily, we’ve gathered all of our favorite posts from Miley this year.

Miley has always been one to stand up for what’s right. Veganism being one thing she stands up for. Miley shared an Instagram photo with her pig, captioning it, “Thank you PETA for giving me the honor of receiving the Best Voice 4 Animals award.”  Congratulations, Miley! Cyrus went on to state “whether it’s what I eat or wear, I am very certain that veganism is taking over and stoked to see so many brands jumpin on this revolution.”

Let’s talk puppy love.. Literally.

Her love for her pig is surely not the only thing she is showing us. Her love for longtime boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth is truly the cutest thing. Can we say relationship goals? Miley has shared many photos of their most adorable moments, however, Miley also played alongside Chris and Liam Hemsworth on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

How could we forget about Miley and Liam’s first kiss? Priceless! Miley and Liam’s love for each other surely can’t be denied.

Miley also shared a super cute moment with Liam on his birthday this year and we are completely loving it!

How could we forget about the week Miley was on Fallon? In celebration of the release of her latest album, “Younger Now”, Miley spent a week on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Miley performed tracks from her album, as well as a few covers. Can we also talk about how Miley brought out country music legend, Dolly Parton? A moment we all were pretty sure to cry during–I know I did.

In November, Virginia elected the very first transgender state legislature. Amazing, right? Miley is always finding ways to spread love and positivity. Miley shared a photo of Danica Roem and captioned it, “Proud of Progress”, she went on to further say “Good on yaaaaa Virginia”.

Our final favorite moments from Miley’s Instagram this year, the Women’s March in Los Angeles. Over 750,00 people joined the march, and it was definitely one to remember. As apart of the Women’s March and many other movements, Miley uses her voice to stand up for equal rights amongst women’s rights and much more. Miley shared a few moments from the event in LA. Miley is an activist for Women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and many more.

This year, Miley also shared some pretty fun posts on her Instagram. If you’ve been a fan of Miley or The Voice on NBC, you probably realize that Miley was going to fight uber hard for her team to take home the trophy and that record deal. She is also pretty creative with her posts.

Miley took to Instagram during this season of The Voice to showcase her love for her artists on her team. A lot of her posts from this season were actually boomerangs of her team. Our personal favorite boomerang would be the one she shared of her in the studio with the talented, Brooke Simpson.

Miley also shared this boomerang of her being typical Miley, outside The Voice stage. We get a kick out of this one overtime we see it.

Fan of Miley Cyrus flaunting what her mama gave her? Us too!

What a year! Still screaming.

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Nicholas Liddle is a contributor to many sites. Studying Mass Communications at SNHU, he'll also be minoring in journalism.


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