From Corporate to Concerts, Clejan’s ‘Trap Violin’ Is Making Waves


In honor of how he took agency of his life to bring exhilarating music to us all, Clejan has produced a sophomore album that’s about to hit Spotify on August 22nd. Named On My Way, this album delves deeply into the subject of enjoying the journey of life, leading with love, and being true to oneself. “I’m on my way, and that’s what matters to me,” said Clejan, and we got to listen to how he conveyed his personal experience—and that’s what matters to us!

Clejan has created an entirely new style of music that’s captivating ears everywhere. Known as the trap violinist, Clejan passed up a corporate marketing job, putting his dual business degree aside to pursue his dream of rapping while playing the violin—and it paid off. From corporate to concerts,
Clejan has shown us how inspiration and passion can lead to a better life—one that benefits others as well as oneself. 

So what can we expect to hear when he explains the path he took to find organic fame? Well, the rapping violinist from Atlanta started out as a classically-trained instrumentalist who pursued Georgia’s hip-hop scene in his teens. Breaching adulthood,
Clejan focused on following a more typical career, earning a marketing degree at The University of Georgia, which led to work in Los Angeles. 

Three years of work couldn’t compare to the inspiration he felt from artists he passionately respected, like Lindsey Sterling, a celebrity violinist like what he was destined to become himself. Muses led to music, encouraging
Clejan to work on his first album and become the world’s first trap violinist and rapper. The Way That I Fiddle debuted in July of 2020, right around the time when his cover of “Let’s Go” went viral on TikTok, skyrocketing Clejan to fame.


Now, Clejan’s become an accomplished event violinist and rapper, opening for the likes of Soulja Boy, French Montana, Snoop Dogg, and Busta Rhymes. He’s a social media sensation, having hit 6 million organic music streams worldwide and catering to 800K followers across his social media platforms. And he’s done it all authentically, building his fanbase brick by brick without becoming victim to the botfame agenda.

It’s no wonder why the hip-hop violinist and rapper didn’t need bots to reach our ears.. His music speaks for itself, loudly and proudly drawing audiences to concerts and clicks. And there’s more in store for us shortly. 

If you’re not excited about
On My Way releasing on August 22nd, you haven’t listened to Clejan’s music yet. There’s no room for debate—classical connoisseurs and rap aficionados all agree that the trap violinist deserves a reserved spot in their music libraries. His igniting raps and violin melodies are setting a fire under the bar, raising music standards to unprecedented levels. Blending flawlessly-executed classical notes with truthfully-spoken raps, Clejan’s given us something new to listen to, showing us how the tunes of yesterday are truly lackluster at best. Don’t miss out—make sure to jump on this bandwagon because it’s where every avid music listener wants to be!



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