Gigolo y La Exce: Unwritten

The latest duo about to make their presence very well known in the scene go the by the name Gigolo y La Exce. Friends from high school, the two trusted each other to push forward even when times were rough. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, these artists know what it is to earn their place and have proven so at maximum capacity.

Their beginner days in music started from middle school. Humble beginnings, but they treated every stage and performance like a sold-out stadium. Their performances were done at local areas like their block, local bars; you name it until they recorded their first single, “Nasty.” The track was the door opener onto the music business, and five years later, their moment has finally arrived. Signed under Bad Bunny’s powerhouse Label, Rimas Entertainment, they now have the backing and forces to take them to the top.

Photographer Credit: Alejandro Melendez

On the release of Las Torres, they proved their incredible talent to its highest level. The EP was born through a challenge set by the Latin music tastemaker, El Guru. The challenge was to record seven songs in seven days. Las Torres was created on a music camp, an idea they’ve been very familiar with as it’s not their first time. Not only was the task completed with flying colors, but it also surpassed expectations as the EP put them on the map. Production was helmed by some of the best in the business, including NEON16’s MVSIS, M. De La Cruz & Nelly. The project contains various sounds and colors to showcase their versatility to jump in and out of genres. It’s not a common story to see such an accomplishment done and executed to its finest potential.

The duo’s unity is the bridge and glue that holds them together. The connection between Gigolo y La Exce is evident in a brief conversation with them. It’s natural, organic, and passion seeps through. Their chemistry, ideas, and energies are so in sync it’s almost magnetic. Separately they are talented artists, but together they are a powerhouse duo, pushing and motivating the other to be the best they can be.

Photographer Credit: Alejandro Melendez

Gigolo y La Exce fills a void that’s been a bit dormant for some time. Many solo artists are on the rise, but very few duos in the Reggaeton scene are willing to reinvigorate that notion in today’s music era. Gigolo y La Exce are absolute real standouts. Their interpretation of the creative process is wise beyond their years. As they stated, “Everything has already been done.” Somehow it doesn’t feel like that with them; there are a spark and natural energy in and out of the booth. Real authenticity is what sets apart the masses from dedicated artists, and these artists have just that. La Torres is only the beginning of what is set to superstars in the making.

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