Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Is The New Social Media Marketing Standard

Social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are some of the most beneficial ways for celebrities to communicate with their fans now-a-days. With one simple click of a button, fans all around the world are able to see just what their favorite celebrities are up to at the moment. Not only can celebrities use social media to grow their fan base and interact with fans, but they can also use it to creatively express themselves as artists.

Miley’s Instagram feed

One artist whose social media feed specifically stands out amongst all others is Miley Cyrus. All of Miley’s social media accounts are flawless. However, Miley has taken the world by storm with her fascinating Instagram layout.

  Her grid is organized to perfection and is very pleasing to the eye. Most recently on her profile are pictures from the Met Gala. These pictures however are not posted in any simple fashion. When followers take a glance at Miley’s grid they can see how the elegant photographs of Miley are organized to format a cross, which is only fitting because the theme of this year’s Met Gala was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.”

Miley’s Instagram feed

As followers scroll down further, a collection of pictures of Miley are revealed where she is promoting her recent collaboration with Converse. Each photograph consists of vibrant colors, lots of glitter, and Miley looking flawless as she rocks her new line of shoes and clothes. The line, which is for fans of all ages, genders, shapes, and sizes, is all about being yourself and embracing your individuality. Although each individual post certainly looks amazing, all 18 of the pictures come together on Miley’s Instagram grid to form one giant photograph. Not only is this very creative but it’s also insanely intriguing to the eye. For more information on “Converse x Miley” head to Converse’s website!

Miley’s Instagram feed

The further you scroll down, Miley’s feed just keeps getting better and better. From her Easter themed photoshoot, her posts about attending The March for Our Lives event, and more, it’s clear Miley know how important it is to keep her social media updated and interesting. More celebrities should begin to take notice of how Miley runs her Instagram, as it is clearly one of the most well formatted, intriguing, and entertaining celebrity social media pages out there.

Be sure to follow Miley on all her social media accounts to stay updated on her life and career and to see how she is setting the new social media marketing standard for all celebrities:

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Sydney Hajduk is a contributor to many sites and is also the Director of Social Media for Xtra Radio. She is also studying communications and journalism at the University of Rhode Island.


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