Aidan Alexander’s New Release “End Of The World” Is Just The Beginning

By most people’s definitions, the end of the world means, well, the end. Not to get too mind-blowing here, but to Aidan Alexander, the end is really the beginning of something big and exciting.

After two years of near silence, the 20-year-old songwriter just released the single “End of the World,” a touching ballad about heartache and pain and all those other fun emotions we all feel when things go south, especially in our love lives. But even the bad times can also bring better opportunities for us to learn to let people in, and find comfort from others when the rest of the world seems so dark.

Photography by Jerry Maestas

Throw in some bright pop beats and you’ve got something unexpected that is already getting a lot of critical attention from Billboard, Paper magazine and Consequence of Sound.

And it gets better: Aidan Alexander promises to release a lot more music this year, starting with another single that he describes as “the other side of the coin” from the feelings expressed in “End of the World.” This fits perfectly with his writing and music style. He writes what he experiences and observes and thinks about.

When that’s not enough, he writes about things that could be. These hypothetical situations could be things he wishes could happen, places he could visit or people he’s yet to meet. Even these fictitious moments are grounded as something that could very well happen, and enhanced with sharing his own vulnerabilities.

Aidan Alexander feels inspired by other musicians who don’t just make catchy tunes but create lyrical poetry and paint wonderful scenes set to music, everyone from Joni Mitchell to Lorde.

Photography by Jerry Maestas

Past hits include “Yours” and “I Don’t Love You,” two other songs that deal with the conflicting emotions involved in loving others.

Originally from Boise, Idaho, Aidan Alexander has lived in the Los Angeles area since he was 15. He can be found on a variety of social media including Instagram.

How has the transition from Idaho to Los Angeles been? The transition was nice, actually. I loved the stimulation of being in a big city. It inspired me to write about things I saw, instead of just things I felt. I don’t do well when it’s cold either, so right now I’m happy here. I do find myself wanting to move around, and I’ll get restless being anywhere for too long.

What’s the concept behind “end of the world”? 2020 was a lot. I think everyone felt very isolated and lonely, and I wanted to play into that. I tend to be self-isolating anyway, so this song is kind of just wanting to not be that way anymore and finding comfort in other people when everything feels so dark.

Who/what inspires you to make music? Everything around me, really. A car alarm can inspire me, a movie line, or something I overhear a stranger say. I try to draw from my environment. There are times where I feel like I’ve said everything I can about someone or a situation, and so I write about what could have been instead. I can never say the right thing in the moment, so my music is my way of saying those things I never got to say. I think artists like Joni Mitchell, Lana, Lorde; they are so poetic in their writing and paint such intense scenes. They really inspire me. 

You have written some amazing love songs “Yours” & “I Don’t Love You”. Is love a major part of your songwriting process still? Lately I’ve been writing about other things, because I’ve been experiencing other things. I try to always just write what I’m feeling, and while it feels like I’m writing a love song in some form at all times, I also like to write about hypothetical situations, such as things I’d wish happened or places and people I’ve yet to meet. There are no rules to songwriting; you just go with what feels right. That’s all you can do.

What’s next for you? I’m releasing a new song after ‘the end of the world’ that feels like the other side of the coin.  It’s different than this one, but I’m really excited for everyone to hear it. I’m always writing, so I’ll be putting out a lot more music this year.


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