J.R.Clark Releases first Visual for the Upcoming Album “All Business, No Luv”

Rap music has been at the forefront of the music industry for many decades dating back to the early 90s, and there is no surprise that there is a regression in the culture of mainstream Hip-Hop.

The Virginia Beach rapper J.R.Clark releases his first video Against the Odds from his upcoming album All Business No Luv. In the new video, J.R.Clark films in the gritty city of Baltimore Maryland to capture the feel of the abandoned buildings, intricate wall graffiti, and the historic culture.

This song highlights the social plights of being a musician in today’s climate. Rappers pride themselves in promoting music that stems from the lifestyle of drugs and street culture, but the Virginia native stands firm on his lyricism by revealing that he does not need to step outside of his norm or mimic other artist imagery to connect with his fans.

J.R.Clark has a clear direction and understanding of who he is as an artist and as an entrepreneur by navigating his musical career as an independent artist. This track delivers lyrical energy that builds up along with the production while each bar highlights where the artist’s mentality is and what he has been dealing with in everyday life. The opening bars serve as a monologue for the rest of the record, listing the things he will rap about: having his first born son in a different country, making sound financial decisions, hip-hop music being predicated on American black trauma, and not replacing quality in seek of fame.

Reaching new tiers as an artist comes with trials and tribulations, the soul searching and entering into a new space by getting rid of women who do not fit into his lifestyle and acknowledging that when you are up people do not realize the sacrifices and losses that occurred prior to his come up is some of the most potent aspect of this track.


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